Cabin Air Filters: What You Need to Know

We all know how important it is to change out the air filters in our homes, but what about your car? Did you know your car has a passenger cabin air filter? They can be in different spots for different vehicles, and mine is right behind the glove box. The cabin air filter has a pretty important job. It helps to filter out particulates like dust, dirt and pollen and keep it from circulating into the car. So when you and the family are driving around, you’re not breathing all of this stuff in! It creates better air quality and it also keeps the heating, air conditioning, and defrost system flowing, so you can enjoy a more comfortable temperature in the car. Now the question is when and how sho

Accelerate Your Deal

Wouldn’t you love it if the car you found (and loved!) online was ready to buy? Right then and there, you could transition from the browsing process to the buying process. I’m not talking about estimating payments or getting a ballpark figure either, I’m talking about actually starting your purchase online! Well, thanks to Autotrader, that’s becoming a reality and now you can accelerate your deal and buy faster! Here’s how it works - you browse regularly on Autotrader, on any device, and check out the best variety of cars for sale out there. You can shop all the cars, all in one place. I’m telling you, if you can’t find your next car on Autotrader, you’re not going to find it. Once you do

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