National Ladder Safety Month

Whether you’re spring cleaning your gutters or just getting a glass down from the top shelf in the kitchen, ladders are constantly used around the home and unfortunately, more often than realized, they’re being used incorrectly. Don’t let a simple task put you out of commission with a serious injury! The not-for-profit American Ladder Institute has declared March National Ladder Safety Month to promote awareness of ladder safety issues, prevent accidents and save lives. So we’re going to review five ways to prevent common injuries resulting from ladder misuse! #1. Make sure you’re using the right ladder! Believe me there’s no shortage of options - step stools, step ladders, a double front t

Season's Best in Beauty: Spring Cleaning

Spring has officially sprung! And that means it’s time for some good old fashioned spring cleaning. But one place we don’t always look to clean up is our beauty routine! So to continue on with my Spring’s Best in Beauty, I have a few tips today to help you clean it up with the season change Tip #1: Wash Makeup Brushes. Your makeup brushes build-up with so much product over time so a good deep cleaning with the season change is needed. Simply add gentle soap to some warm water in a bowl and swirl around the brushes, rinse thoroughly and squeeze out any excess moisture. Lay flat to dry so they don’t lose their shape and voila! Your brushes will be nice and fresh in the morning. Tip #2: Change

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