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About The Lifestyle List

Catch us Saturday mornings on Lifetime® at 6:30 am ET

Now in it's 9th season, The Lifestyle List is your go-to destination for a treasure trove of tips and reviews tailored for the modern-day woman with trending recipes, hot products, life hacks, parenting tips, personal wellness, travel and so much more. From families, pets, households and most importantly — YOU! What’s on your Lifestyle List?

Whether you're looking for a fresh take with new recipes in the kitchen, a fitness fanatic in search of effective workout routines, a parent in need of helpful tips, or someone looking for the latest and greatest lifestyle products – we've got you covered. From the kitchen to the gym, parenting dilemmas to travel adventures, The Lifestyle List curates the best in lifestyle inspiration, how-to guides, and product recommendations. We understand that your time is precious, so we've done the legwork to bring you the latest trends and innovations that make your life easier and more enjoyable.

So, sit back, relax, and let The Lifestyle List be your guide to mastering the art of juggling it all – because you deserve a life that's as stylish and vibrant as you are.  

Your Host: Jennifer Bonner

Jennifer Bonner is a seasoned TV host with a wealth of experience in the world of home and lifestyle programming. Her passion for a variety of things like home improvement, wellness, beauty, cooking, crafting, and pet care has made her a go-to expert for audiences looking to create their ideal lifestyle.


As the host of The Lifestyle List, Jennifer shares her vast knowledge and expertise with viewers across the country. Whether she's trying out a new recipe in the kitchen or embarking on a new home improvement project, Jennifer is always seeking out new experiences and sharing them with her audience. This sense of curiosity and excitement is infectious, and it's what makes her such a compelling host and advisor to The Lifestyle List audience.

Inspired by, Created by, and Powered by Women.


As a premier entertainment destination for women, Lifetime® proudly champions women and diverse voices in front of and behind the camera. Lifetime indulges the emotional thrill seeker in us all and provides an escape from the everyday through iconic movies with award-winning talent, fan-favorite unscripted and groundbreaking documentaries. Their characters and stories are diverse, and Lifetime truly has something for EVERYONE. Expect the unexpected with Lifetime.

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