Getting Your Space This Holiday Season

Hey, I know the holidays are a joyful time...we’re seeing our loved ones, we’ve got gifts to wrap and family traditions to partake in! But with all that fun, comes a bit of stress, especially if you’re traveling! So here’s my gift to you, my top five tips to fix your holiday stress! #1 Pack Like Santa! If you think about it, Santa is an organizational pro...carrying around all those items in one bag. So I try to as well! One thing I do is use clear zip bags for organizing our outfits. On the outside I write the day and name and then place the outfit inside. I even attach my daughter’s hair bows to the collar of her shirt so everything’s ready to go each day! #2 Find Your Space! In order

Holiday Hosting Tips for Pet Parents

As we prep our homes for holiday hosting, it’s a good idea to pay attention to details. And if you’re a cat parent, that means making sure your feline is guest ready too! With these simple tips, your home will be welcoming in no time. #1 First Impressions Matter! You want the first thing people to notice as they walk in the door to be the smell of baked cookies, not the smell of cat litter. You might say it will take a miracle to rid your home of that smell, but really all it takes is a genie...a Litter Genie! This compact, discreet container helps to stop cat litter smell in your home. It’s been recommended by cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy and is a must-have for anyone hosting this hol

No Stress Holiday Prep

Some of the things I love most about the holiday season are decorating the house, shopping and cooking for family and friends. And funny enough, those are the things that can also be the most time consuming and stressful! So this year, let’s spend more time relaxing and less time scrambling in the kitchen by trying a few time saving tricks! #1: Decorate as a family. Pulling boxes from the attic, untangling lights and decorating the house is a lot of work for one person. So choose one designated day to do it all as a family and make it fun! Play holiday tunes, set out some yummy treats and do it as a team. Before you know it, your home’s halls will be decked and ready for Santa! #2. Meal

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