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Entertaining for Springtime Celebrations

It’s that time of year again! Spring is quickly approaching which means that people all across the country are coming out of hibernation. So what does that mean for us? Springtime celebrations and entertaining! I’ve got everything ready for a spring party and share some of the tricks I used along the way.

Let’s start with DECOR.

It is spring afterall, so let’s keep things fresh and light. I really love using fruits for my centerpieces. They’re pretty, inexpensive and you can use them up! Apples are a nice pop of color, lemons are bright and cheerful and will be put to good use and oranges are gorgeous, too.

And since nights are warmer, you can use candles to add ambiance! I like the battery operated flameless ones. They're easy, long lasting and you don't have to worry about blowing them out.

Now let’s talk FOOD.

Your guests are going to be totally over warm stews and comfort food so I always try to offer a lighter fare in the warmer months. Whether you are hosting overnight guests for a spring holiday or a little afternoon gathering with your friends, there are a couple items that you definitely want to have on hand.

Sabra is where it is at for a go-to appetizer or snack for your guests. It is really versatile and it's a fact that both kids and adults will eat more veggies with a dip. That means your guests, no matter what the age, are more likely to put that colorful veggie tray to good use. Plus, this Sabra Farmer's Ranch has 75% less fat and 60% less calories than the leading ranch dip so I feel better about serving it to my friends and family. Whether you're pairing with chips or veggies, you just can’t go wrong with this dip. It's full of chunky, fresh chopped vegetables, made with real Greek Yogurt. For recipes and more info, visit

Another light, fresh food to enjoy this time of year? Fruits and berries. Have you guys tried Lingonberries? They have been called the “ better berry” and they are! Shout out to Dr. Oz who featured them on his show as a super berry because they are loaded with antioxidants.

An easy way to enjoy them is in a jam. I did a little searching and found that Felix Lingonberry is the leading lingonberry jam in Sweden and the USA. It’s a great alternative to cranberries. There is the original Felix Ligonberry Jam and also lingonberries with blueberries or ginger. You can use this jam a variety of ways from serving it with roast turkey or ham. I like to spread it on a turkey sandwich or as an appetizer with cheese and crackers and grapes. It’s also good with pancakes. The original jam with goat cheese, is soo amazingly delicious. For some easy recipes, check out

Now onto beverages. Wine is a MUST HAVE for any get together. When you’re entertaining you’ll need options to suit your guests’ different tastes. Be sure to keep a red and a white option available. Here are two of my favorites, and these come from Columbia Crest Winery in Washington state. They offer a great variety of wines that can be paired with just about any meal this spring. Bonus -- they’re affordable and highly-acclaimed. Their H3 line from the Horse Heaven Hills produces bold, well-balanced wines made with some of the best fruit in the region.

Columbia Crest H3 Sauvignon Blanc is a crisp, clean white wine with aromas and flavors of papaya, green mango and pear. It pairs nicely with a variety of cheeses and seafood dishes like crab cakes and grilled halibut!

And for my red wine lovers, the Columbia Crest H3 Cabernet Sauvignon is a bold red wine with flavors of dark red fruits and touches of vanilla and chocolate. It is an excellent choice to pair with grilled steak and vegetables or pork tenderloin. Check out and follow them on Facebook for more details!

Quick Serving Tips:

We know white wines are best served chilled so here is a fun way to keep your glass cool: frozen grapes! They look great in the glass, they won’t water down your wine, and they’re fun to eat too!

And what about keeping everyone’s drinks with their owners? Make sure to have some cute wine tags on hand or use glasses with different designs so people remember which is theirs. I also love these wine glasses with a space to write your name in chalk!

And nothing at my home is ever complete without DESSERT. I love using Philadelphia Cream Cheese in my dessert recipes because they use real ingredients, including milk, cream, no preservatives and just a nice, creamy canvas. It really makes for some delicious snacks and desserts like this Philadelphia Cream Cheese Coconut Joy Cheesecake.

This twist on the classic cheesecake is sure to wow your guests as a full cheesecake OR as cheesecake bars. These are made with Philadelphia Cream Cheese, a Chocolate Wafer Cookie crust and sprinkled with coconut and sliced almonds. You can learn how to make this recipe for your spring entertaining, by heading to

Hopefully these tips and ideas will be everything you need to make your spring entertaining a hit this year!

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