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Tips For Family Fun in the Sun

With Spring break this month and summer just around the corner, it’s time to get prepped for those family trips to the beach or pool! From suiting up to removing sand, here are some tips and tricks to make the family’s time in the sun, fun!

Make your own ice packs for the cooler, using balloons!

This will save you money and the hassle of melting ice cubes getting everything wet and leaking everywhere. Simply fill up each balloon, tie it off and freeze overnight. Place it in your cooler to keep things cold and when the ice has melted, why not start a water balloon fight?!

It wouldn’t be a trip to the beach without sand…

Lots and lots of sand! It can make a big mess and stick like glue to your skin. Fortunately, there is an incredibly easy way to remove sand and keep it from sticking to you and the kids: Baby Powder. Yup - simple as that. Put the baby powder on your sandy skin, and then it will wipe away with ease . No scratching or sticking!

Do all of your shopping on one spot.

For instance, Disney Store is a one-stop shop for everything you need for your child’s aquatic adventures. They carry a huge selection of swimwear, towels, flip flops and accessories representing everyone’s favorite Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars characters. The kiddos will love it!

Check out this collection of super swimwear assembling Marvel’s Avengers on trunks and rashguard with matching flip flops and towel.

Or make trips to the beach or pool a royal occasion with this Disney Princess Swim Collection. Aurora, Belle, and more bring a splash of color to this Disney Princess Deluxe Swimsuit and there’s even a coordinating cover-up, beach towel, sunglasses, flip flops and swim bag.

And they’ll never forget all the fun of wearing this wave of Finding Dory collection. It includes a swimsuit and cover up, trunks and rashguard, as well as flip flops and towels.

You can find these and other great swimwear at your local Disney Store or on

If you’ve got babies in tow, a kiddie pool is a must have.

Especially if they aren’t walking yet. It will keep them cool, entertained and all contained in one place. You can use this by the pool, on the deck, even at the beach. Just make sure you’re always within arm’s reach and keeping an eye on them. Find a shady spot and baby will be protected from the hot sun, too!

Speaking of sun protection...

You’ll need hats and sunblock for the whole family, but sometimes a sunburn is unavoidable. Try making some Aloe Vera Ice cubes! They will soothe sunburn and provide pain relief. Just fill a clean ice cube tray with aloe vera gel or juice and freeze. Store them in a plastic bag in the freezer and apply to sunburn as needed.

Those are just a few simple tips and tricks to make sure everyone has a great time on your next trip to the beach or pool!

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