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Spring Home Improvemens

The spring season brings new life and to match mother nature, let’s bring some new life to our homes too! Here are some of my favorite ways to refresh and reinvigorate your home for Spring.

The Floors

We’ve been shut up inside all winter, and if you have kids and pets, the carpets and hardwoods could probably use a little refresh!

When you’re shopping for new flooring, look for brands that give you plenty of beautiful, durable options. Mohawk Flooring has huge selections in both carpet and hardwood that make life with kids and pets easier. Plus they have an amazing sale happening right now, which i’ll get to in just a moment.

Mohawk’s Smartstrand Forever Clean is perfect for pet owners because of the All Pet Protection and Warranty covering all pets, all accidents, all the time. This carpet has a great resume: installed in more than seven million homes, it's rated #1 in customer satisfaction and it’s most durable and easiest to clean!

Mohawk’s gorgeous Hardwood with ArmorMax™ Finish Technology gives your home amazing protection to the max. It is the ONLY proven finish that protects hardwoods from spills and stains. Plus it’s 5 times more resistant to wear than other extended finishes.

Now on to that sale I mentioned! Starting April 8 - May 23rd, you can save up to $500 on Mohawk SmartStrand as well as $500 on ArmorMax™ purchases during the Love Your Floor Sale. You can maximize your design budget using their exceptional financing options such as no interest until 2019 to help you get a new floor you love and free up cash for your other decorating desires!

Outdoor Spaces

We all want to bring the beauty and comfort of the indoors to that outdoor space. Here's how you can bring that look and feel of your indoor floors to your deck space! Here’s some must haves to guide you when you’re taking on a home project like building a deck.

The Marksman Pro from CAMO Edge Fastening is a revolutionary system for fastening decks that is up to 50% faster, easy to use and saves money! The result is a beautiful fastener-free look on the surface of your deck—similar to your indoor flooring. It’s much easier than hidden clips or plugs - just set, load and drive with any drill. The Marksman Pro actually guides the CAMO Edge Deck Screws into the edge of each board for strength and stability. It's perfect for wood, composites and PVC. Your deck will look amazing and it’s Barefoot Approved!

Plus, CAMO’s Marksman Pro actually adds life to your deck by reducing moisture absorption and surface cracking around the fastener. Or use the Marksman Edge as no-gap option for treated wood decks. It can also be used with secondary spacers.

Refresh & Protect the Wood Elements

Now that we’ve got the deck ready to go, let’s refresh and protect the wood elements you’ll be using. It could be the deck itself, or even your siding, fences and outdoor furniture. An easy way to do a quick DIY refresh is to add a fresh new coat of stain.

For this job I like to use Cabot. It’s a leading brand of top-quality stains and wood care products and they have this new finish called Cabot Gold that blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor living. You get a beautiful result without compromising on performance. Once you’ve removed any old, existing stain, paint or sealer - Cabot Gold is applied in 2 coats. The 1st coat penetrates. Make sure to let that first coat dry at least 24 hours. Then, you can apply the 2nd coat. Let that dry for three days before returning furniture to the deck. If applied properly, Cabot Gold will wear gracefully without peeling. It’s available in 4 different stain colors and can be used on both cedar and pine.

Add Curb Appeal & Value to Your Home

The beauty of all of these home projects is that we’re actually adding value to our homes in the process of sprucing them up for spring. With the real estate market being as competitive as it is, a new garage door can instantly add curb appeal to catch the immediate attention of a potential buyer. Even if you have no intention of moving, the garage door is the largest and most-used entry point of the home. An upgrade can refresh and transform the exterior décor of your home, no matter how long you’ve lived there.

You can find your home’s perfect garage door match by taking advantage of 2 online resources. There’s and the Overhead Door DoorView™ Design Center. It’s a visualization tool that lets you mix and match garage doors on a photo of your own home. It’s affordable and it delivers one of the highest returns on investment when compared to the value of popular home renovation projects.

An Envy Worthy Lawn

Spring means more time to live life outside with family and friends. Your lawn will need some whipping into shape after the dormant winter months and in some parts of the country, it’s time to fertilize the lawn too. If you’re ready to live life outside, find out how to get an envy worthy lawn this spring at and talk with a TruGreen professional to learn exactly what your lawn needs.

Now it's time to roll up your sleeves and get started on these fun home projects to really get your house to enjoy this spring season!


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