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  • Michelle Yarn

Easy Ways to Go Gluten Free

Whether it’s because you have celiac disease, a gluten sensitivity, or you’re just making a healthier lifestyle choice - going without gluten can seem like a challenge! But with a little preparation and some smart snacking you can make going gluten free easy! Here are some tips brought to you by Gratify Gluten Free Snacks.

1. Focus on the things you CAN eat.

When you’re going gluten free, it can be all too easy to focus on all the things you “can’t” eat. But if you shift your thinking to the foods you CAN enjoy, you’ll be much happier for it. Because who wants to live their life feeling deprived?! Instead, have some fun trying all the different gluten free options out there!

2. Be prepared.

If you’re headed to a friends house for a BBQ or your child is headed to a birthday party, one of the best ways to make sure you have gluten free options on hand is to bring them along with you! It takes the stress and focus off of food so instead you can enjoy your time out, worry free. Also, the party host will probably be relieved to know that their guest will be happy and won’t go hungry.

3. Stock up on delicious snacks you can trust!

Now more than ever, it's easy to enjoy great tasting snacks while eating gluten free.

Here is a perfect option! Go ahead and treat yourself and your family to a delicious gluten free snack experience with Gratify Gluten Free Snacks. Whatever you’re in the mood for - something sweet, salty, crunchy - Gratify has a selection of certified gluten free Pretzels & Crackers that make snacking gluten free, gratifyingly delicious and easy.

These are their delicious gluten free bite size crackers. They are the perfect fit for your family, whether at home or on the go. Here's a serving idea for you: dip Gratify Baked Bites crackers in your favorite guacamole or top with cheese for a satisfying mid-day or after-school snack.

There are 4 delicious flavors to choose from - Original, Everything, Tuscan Herb and Cinnamon so they are sure to satisfy anyone's craving. These are also Dairy-Free, Egg-Free, made with non GMO ingredients and Kosher.

I also have a bit of a sweet tooth! When you’re in the mood for something more indulgent, sink your sweet tooth into Gratify's chocolate and yogurt-coated pretzels. You get that irresistible sweet and salty flavor combination. Yum! It’s just the perfect afternoon pick-me-up, dessert or late night treat.

I’d say the only thing that’s difficult about Gratify Gluten Free Snacks is deciding what to try first!


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