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  • Michelle Yarn

Summer Picnics with the Ultimate Summer Beverage

'Tis the season to spend more time outside enjoying this amazingly warm weather! A picnic is a super fun way to enjoy some food, drinks and great company - whether it’s with your friends or a loved one. Here are some tips to help you plan the perfect summer picnic!

It starts with location.

The beauty of a picnic is you can have one in your backyard, at a park, the ocean or even a mountain top. It’s up to you! Just try to find a spot with a little shade and a great view! You also want to consider the time of day. This time of year, early evening may be more comfortable than right at noon.

Now for the food and drinks!

Personally, the most picnic friendly foods for me have been light, fresh finger foods. Think seasonal fruits, veggies and a nice selection of cheeses. Maybe a fresh baguette, too! This type of menu is easy to transport and enjoy, plus you can just graze throughout the day.

A chilled, refreshing wine is another picnic must have and I have the perfect suggestion. Fruits and Wine! This is the ultimate summer beverage. It's low-calorie, light and easy to drink.

Fruits and Wine is Imported by Marie Brizard Wine and Spirits Americas and, you guessed it, it's a blend of fruits and wine! They use real fruit juice and infusions with no fruit syrup so it's a guilt free drink with less sugar than a classic cola and less alcohol than the classic wine.

And did you know June 11th was actually National Rosé Day?! Check out these all natural options:

Cherry Rosé, a delicious blend of rosé wine and cherry juice that delivers natural and delicately sweet notes. The Grapefruit Rosé is a blend of rosé wine and grapefruit juice. It has sweet and tart notes. And the Strawberry Rosé is a luscious blend of rosé wine and strawberry juice. It's sweet and refreshing.

Fruits and Wine is actually France’s #1 aromatized wine based drink! It has an easy open screw top which means you don't have to pack a bottle opener and it will stay fresh for up to a month after opening. Plus, Fruits and Wine has proven to be the secret of French women to stay slim.

Don't forget these extras to complete your picnic.

-A serving tray or cutting board. It’s always handy to have a firm surface for slicing and serving your food.

-A blanket to sit on, something lightweight that folds small.

-I like to bring along some music. A portable speaker is great!

-I love to wear a Sun hat - yes, it keeps the sun out of your eyes, but of course it's also a fashionable way to help you get into the picnic state of mind!

Now you’re all set to host an al fresco, portable party anytime and anywhere!


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