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  • Michelle Yarn

Tips for Holiday Coffee & Dessert Pairings

Did you know that if you offer tea or coffee at your party, 80% of guests will accept? It may seem like a throwback to another era, but nothing completes an evening like a cup of hot tea or coffee.

So when you’re entertaining this holiday season, make your event stand out with delicious coffee and dessert combinations!

There is some strategy behind this. Pairing the right blend with your dessert is the best way to fully enjoy your coffee’s delicious and unique flavor. They should complement each other! Here are some tips...

First and foremost, you have to choose a quality coffee. For me, that’s Community Coffee Company. They’ve been importing, roasting and distributing the highest quality, premium coffees for 97 years! It’s a family owned and operated business - and they use only 100% select arabica coffee beans.

Now that you’ve got your pick, a general rule of coffee-pairing thumb is the richer the dessert, the darker the roast...

Fruit or tart desserts like these lemon tarts and blueberry streusel muffins, pair great with lighter roast coffees, like a Breakfast Blend, which makes a fragrant, sweet and mellow cup of coffee.

Creamy desserts and sweet cakes, like this cheesecake work well with semi-sweet, full-bodied coffees like a medium-dark roast. The Cafe Special is a good pick here.

If you’re going with rich chocolate desserts like this crème de menthe brownie, then premium dark roast coffees work best, like the Dark Roast Signature Blend.

Since individual coffee preferences can vary so much, you should always keep a medium-dark roast (i.e. Café Special) ready to brew. It tends to be a crowd pleaser all around since it turns out a full-bodied yet smooth cup of coffee.

If you want all the deliciousness of dessert, but you’re too full from dinner, you will love these seasonal flavored coffees! The holiday flavors include Southern Bread Pudding and Pumpkin Praline - the taste of dessert in the form of a coffee. It’s a total win-win! And by the way, these would make a great hostess gift if you’re the one who’s a guest!

So now you’ve got the basics down and you’re ready to serve up a delicious dessert with a nice hot cup of coffee to end the night on a high note!


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