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What to Do with Unwanted Gift Cards

If you’re like the majority of Americans, you probably received a gift card this holiday season. But, just because you asked for a gift card, doesn’t mean you’ll use it. In fact, if you don’t use it within the first few months of receiving it, chances are, you’ll forget about it or simply won’t use it at all. Rather than hold onto an unused card indefinitely, put it to use in another way. Here are 3 ways to get what you want from the gift card that you don’t!

Tip #1 When you receive a gift card that you know won’t use, it may just be the gift card someone else will love. This is when using a gift card exchange site—like—is a helpful option.

You can sell a pre-owned gift card to Cardpool for close to face value and receive either cash or an Amazon gift card. Just head to or use the app on your mobile device.

When you sell a gift card to Cardpool that you won’t use, it will be sold—at a discount—to someone who will use it! Tip #2 Take an unwanted gift card with you during your next shopping trip. Cardpool partners with retailers to create an in-person version of its online experience. For example, you can bring your unwanted gift card to the electronics counter in most Target locations nationwide. They’ll take your gift card information, quote you an offer and will give you a Target gift card if you accept. And, if you want cash fast, find a Cardpool kiosk near you by visiting Tip #3 Extend the season of giving by re-gifting your unwanted gift card. If you don’t have anyone in mind, consider donating the gift card to charity. Fundraising committees for schools, churches, clubs, and charities are always in need of gift cards that can be redeemed for supplies, auctioned at fundraisers or given as prizes. Or, you also can donate your gift card to charity via sites like Donations to nonprofit organizations may be tax-deductible, too.


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