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How & Why Stone Can be Damaged & How to Protect It

As usual, I’m really looking forward to the holidays coming up! I just love hosting, cooking and having everyone over. And my hubby and I have some new improvements to the house it will be fun to show off! One of the major things we did this year was upgrade to granite and natural stone counterops. But it got me thinking....with all those people over, I hope our surfaces are protected properly.

As I’m in the process of prepping for holiday guests, I’ve been testing a ton of cleaners and I fell in love Granite Gold! First of all, Granite Gold Daily Cleaner isn’t just for granite, it can be used as a daily cleaner on any stone surface! Whew! So this product is perfect for my marble tile and granite tops as well as quartz.

It’s important for any homeowner to know a little about stone surfaces and why it’s important to keep them clean. First, don’t just grab any so-called “multi-surface” cleaner. Common household cleaners will break down protective sealers and the finish which is actually a natural polish similar to a diamond. That shine can eventually wear down if the wrong products are used. I definitely want my counters to look as shiny and new as possible for the holiday season!

And speaking of the holiday season...or the baking season as I call it, I plan to make quite a few messes in kitchen. Knowing that wine, coffee and oil actually soak into the porous granite stone and will stain it if it isn’t sealed correctly is so important to remember.

My regimen is to clean after every meal preparation with Granite Gold Daily Cleaner, seal regularly with Granite Gold Sealer and polish often with Granite Gold Polish on a regular basis. This prevents stains and etches, which are costly to fix. And if you’re wondering if they’re safe around food, they sure are!

Stone surfaces are worth it! They are incredibly durable and I really appreciate seeing the beauty that the earth created naturally. So I want to make sure they’re protected, and Granite Gold makes it easy for me to do. They also have a two-in one called Granite Gold Clean and Shine. So if you’re busy and only have time for one wipe down, spray this and have peace of mind.

You can pick up some for yourself at Bed, Bath & Beyond, Lowe’s, The Home Depot and Walmart. Check the Store Locator at


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