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LSL Dining Room Makeover

Hello again Lifeys!

Well with the hosting season here, I thought I would show our dining room makeover we recently finished! It looks so great in the space...inviting, contemporary and of course fun! I know how you all love before/after photos so let me jump right in!

This is the dining room prior...needs some attention doesn't it?

As you can tell it was a blank slate which was perfect because we added a beautiful geometric patterned wallpaper! It's the brother wallpaper to the one in my office...make sure you check out that post here !

Wallpaper is so rewarding once it's up and isn't as scary as people may think it is. After about 6 strips, this dining room began to feel like a whole new space!

See...looks doable right?! And just a few more finishing touches makes it look homey, welcoming and stylish. I added a table runner, vibrant centerpiece, and a stand and plant in the corner to soften that area. You can do it too and if you do we sure would love to see it! Let us know on Instagram and hey, you can follow us there right now for more inspiration!

Hope you enjoyed our little reveal! Take care! -Stefaney

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