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National Housekeeping Week with Maid Brigade

As the importance of your health at home has continued to evolve, so has the professional cleaning industry. A truly clean house is more than shiny countertops and vacuum lines. At Maid Brigade, we introduced PUREcleaning as the next step in the ever-evolving, eco-friendly house cleaning services.

If you want your home cleaning to be the highest standard in the industry in terms of cleaning quality and safety, Maid Brigade is here for you. PUREcleaning is our proprietary technology and cleaning process that uses electrolyzed water and guarantees the healthiest, safest, and most advanced cleaning for your home.

Celebrating Our Teams During National Housekeeping Week

Our Maid Brigade cleaning teams enjoy knowing that e-water and the PUREcleaning process aren’t harmful to their health either. Being safe to breathe and touch, e-water enables our teams to carry out their daily duties with full confidence!

In this spirit of maintaining the safety and health of our cleaning teams, we would like to commemorate National Housekeeping Week. This is the opportune moment to express our gratitude towards all the members of the housekeeping community who work diligently to provide families with a clean and desirable living space.

As always, Maid Brigade takes the well-being of our employees as seriously as we take that of our customers. And we sincerely appreciate all their hard work

How Does Electrolyzed Water Clean?

Electrolyzed water is made using a combination of salt, water, and electricity and protects your home, family, pets, plants, and our cleaning crews. This gentle and effective technology cleans your home without harmful, toxic chemicals. Along with being the safest, it is more effective than products found on convenience store shelves, which often contain harmful chemicals. Our PUREcleaning system is a positive move for your health and your home!

Simply put, e-water is as safe as water itself. Due to being totally free of harmful chemicals, it can work on any kind of surface - from precious baby toys to food preparation areas.

How Our Simple 3-Step Process Works:

The first step involves removing all the surface area of dirt, dust, grime, and other debris. The use of HEPA-filtration vacuums for 4x improved air quality ensures 99.99% dust and dirt removal from all surfaces of your home.

After the initial removal of dust, debris, grime, and irritants is completed, it’s time for deep cleaning using electrolyzed water and color-coded allergy-free, antibacterial cloths to eliminate cross-contamination between rooms. Unlike regular cleaners that bond with dirt and grime, electrolyzed water breaks them down, enabling our crews to easily and completely remove them from surfaces. No dyes, chlorine, phosphates, or any other questionable elements that are commonly used in other everyday cleaning agents.

In the final stage, if requested by homeowners, our crew carries out an additional layer of disinfection by spraying the PUREmist e-water with a handheld sprayer on the most sensitive and most used areas and surfaces of your house, like doorknobs, table surfaces, cabinet handles, and other such surfaces.

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