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Easy How To: Shopping for a Car

I must say, I do love shopping! It’s so fun to find and own something you truly love! So why is it, then, that shopping for a car can seem daunting? It doesn’t have to! There are 4 steps to keep in mind to help you do so with confidence!

1. Do Your Research!

I know, there are a lot of questions going through your mind. Do you buy new or used? SUV or sedan? Front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive? The first step to getting the right car for you is to research and narrow down all of your options.

Here’s a super easy way to get it done. Everyone wants “that guy” to help you get the perfect car and the best deal. can be that personal car shopping expert to guide you along.

Edmunds will even help you find the True Market Value price that tells you the average price paid in your area for any car on the market, new or used. Now, you can make sure you don’t overpay once you’re ready to buy.

2. Get Ready to Negotiate

I like to save time and stress by negotiating the deal online. Every dealership today has an Internet department that works exclusively with shoppers that submit leads online and since it focuses more on volume than profit, they are willing to offer lower upfront prices. Edmunds’ Price Promise makes the process even easier with guaranteed upfront prices from over ten thousand dealers nationwide. Unlike other sites that list dealer prices at MSRP, Edmunds makes it easy to get upfront, instant savings on actual vehicles in stock. In fact the average Price Promise buyer saves almost $3,500 off MSRP!

Once you have the price and financing negotiated, the salesperson can have the car and paperwork ready to go so you won’t be bogged down at the dealership for hours. Simple. Low-pressure. Easy!

3. Take a Test Drive!

Before you finalize the deal, make sure you arrange a test drive at the dealer. Some dealers will even bring the car to you! You’ll want to see how it drives, but don’t forget to also check things like head, hip and legroom and trunk space. And if you’ve got a family in tow like me, install the child safety seats you usually use to make sure they’re compatible.

4. Make Sure You’re 100% Confident with Your Choices

Buying a car is a big deal! You owe it to yourself to make sure you feel good about your next purchase. If you have any questions about the car buying process -- from basic vehicle recommendations, to simply understanding the terms of your deal -- Edmunds has a FREE Live Help service with car shopping experts standing by to get you the answers and reassurance that you need. Simply call 1-855-782-4711, text ED411 or email


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