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Fail Proof Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Our mother’s do so much for us so when it comes to Mother’s Day gifts, we want to be sure to get them something that really shows we care and appreciate all that she is. It can be tricky to find that perfect gift for someone so important to us, but I have a few ideas to get you started!

A Gift Card

Research by the Retail Gift Card Association shows at least one in five shoppers typically buy Mom a gift card for Mother’s Day and for the recipient , gift cards have been the most requested gifts in America for years. When you receive one you’ve got the freedom to use the card to buy something you truly want for yourself and without feeling guilty about it!

Gift cards are increasingly versatile because most can be spent in-store, online, or via mobile devices and gift card technology is advancing as well. Now shoppers are able to load gift cards into some mobile wallets, so they don’t have to carry all the cards around in their wallets. While most shoppers prefer a physical gift card , half of them now know how to redeem an e-gift card, too!

When you’re picking out a gift card for Mom this year remember you can still put a lot of thought into the card you’re getting her and make it specific to her. There are cards covering categories like fashion, dining out, entertainment and more. So think about the person you’re buying for and consider what they’re interested in! Is it music? Makeup? DIY projects? Then make your choice based on that. H

Here’s a look at some popular gift card choices for major retailers like eBay and Giant Eagle, or restaurants like McDonald’s. Perfect for the mom who likes to shop online, cook and entertain, or eat out!


Jewelry with Meaning

Jewelry is always a great idea! It’s a beautiful, lasting way to show you care. My pick for something that's going to be truly special and thoughtful is Miracle Links. It's more than just a necklace, it’s a totally unique jewelry piece that tells a story. Here's a look at mine:

Miracle Links creates jewelry that celebrates the special bond and love between a mother and child. The big link represents mom and the smaller circles represent each of her children. The designs feature these interlinking circles to symbolize and celebrate your miracles. I love that every time your family grows, you can easily add a new link. That makes it a great gift for new moms but also the perfect gift for any mom for Mother’s Day. What better way to celebrate motherhood than with a necklace that lets mom wear her children close to her heart everyday? It’s like a badge of honor, in the same way that an engagement says you’re engaged, Miracle Links says you’re a proud mom!

Here’s just another way to really make it special: you can choose a look that speaks to her and suits her style. It’s available in white, yellow, rose gold and sterling silver with & without diamonds. You can also add a personal touch by customizing the links with colored gemstones or having them engraved so you can design a necklace as individual as your own family. Miracle Links is available at Jared, The Galleria of Jewelry.


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