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  • Michelle Yarn

Why It's Smart to Buy Glasses Online

This time of year, sunglasses are a given and it’s a super easy accessory to add a little personality to your look. But have you considered rocking stylish eyeglasses too? I look at it this way - owning glasses is like owning shoes, we may not need more than one pair but, come on! There are tons of different styles and colors and it’s fun to switch them up to match your outfits. If you’re smart about how you shop for them - you’ll see just how easy it is to hop online and find the perfect pair.

Speaking of smart, there’s some truth to the notion that people who wear glasses are smarter… seriously! I got these online at, they’re a leading online retailer for prescription eyewear.

As I was clicking around I found this hilarious video that sheds some light on that long-standing stereotype, that, according to various studies, people who wear glasses are, in fact, smarter. Check this out…

Too funny! Well brainpower aside, glasses are fun to wear and shop for.

I do most of my shopping online so buying my sunglasses and eyewear on the internet was a no brainer. is a one stop shop and the site is so simple to use. The company believes that eyewear shouldn’t break the bank and that buying glasses online is the smart way to go. There’s a huge variety of high-quality frames and lenses at affordable prices and with no risk. They cut out the middleman, so that means you can save up to 70% on your favorite brands and styles, in an industry where markup is usually pretty high.

And what about trying them on? I used the “virtual mirror” on the website. You upload or snap a photo of yourself and then you can pick your favorite frames, and “try them on” risk free so you can see them on your face before you buy!

On top of that, they offer free shipping - even for returns. There are a ton of options with in-house brands and also designer and generic brands, as well as different styles like sports glasses, safety glasses, computer glasses, sunglasses, single vision, bifocals and more. covers it all.

Once I found my favorites, the order was in and they were shipped right to my door. So easy! wants to give you 50% of your first pair of glasses including basic RX lenses. Just go to their website, sign up to get the first time offer and start buying glasses the smart way.

Give it a try and happy hunting!


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