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Perfect Timepieces for Holiday Gifting

The holiday season is officially upon us and that means a gift list that's often a mile long, so here’s an idea that works perfectly for anyone - men, women, teens and adults. A timepiece! It’s the perfect way to mix fashion and function and with my top picks from Casio, you’ll find styles for everyone.

Let's first take a look at a piece from Casio's Baby-G product line. This is a great watch for any teen on your gift list from the BG169 collection.

I love the transparent wristband because it would match any outfit. And look at the face on this is a gorgeous rose gold! It’s right on trend and adds a stylish touch.

The fashion aspect is clearly on point, but what about functionality? For teens you need supreme functionality and this watch delivers. You’ve got 200 meter water resistance, world time, tele-memo, and shock resistance among others. Think how much that will come in handy throughout the day for any teen, whether at school or on-the-go! This is truly a great gift idea.

Let’s move on to gifting the busy, on-the-go person on your list. Maybe someone who travels a lot - whether that’s for business or pleasure. This is Casio’s EDIFICE EQB600 timepiece. It is jam-packed with features for the traveler, but they are all easy to see and access.

See the 3D globe dial? That let’s you see the time in your home city as well as wherever you’re currently traveling. The EQB600 can also connect to a smartphone with Casio’s Mobile Link Technology! Just a push of a button and it will access and adjust to the correct time in its current location and for over 300 cities worldwide, even correcting for Daylight Saving Time if needed. With Casio’s Tough Solar Power, there’s no worry about battery changes on long road-trips or flights. After a full-charge, this timepiece has a battery life of about seven months! That’s just amazing! I’m so impressed with this one and whoever you gift will love it too.

The next timepiece will be so appreciated by the fashion lovers you’re shopping for. You know the retro look is making a huge comeback and Casio managed to create a line of timepieces that are on trend yet classically chic.

This is one of the most popular of Casio’s Vintage timepieces. There are seven in the collection and this one is the A168wg-9. It’s beautiful and will never go out of style.

It’s like that classic little black dress or the well tailored suit - you know it is an investment piece you’ll wear time and again! That’s what makes it such a great gift for that special someone on your holiday list. It combines form and function and it’s easy to wear and use. It’s very lightweight and feels so comfortable on your wrist.

All of the timepieces in the Casio Vintage collection have a stainless steel band in either a gold or silver tone. Ladies, they would look so pretty mixed in with your favorite bracelets like I did below!

Some of them even feature a stylish camo pattern on the watch face. They include features Casio is known for, like this LED-lit display face, there’s also a countdown timer and a stopwatch, too. All around this is like your classic, go-to timepiece for fashion and function.

These are some of my favorite gifts for the season for everyone on your list…and maybe for yourself too!


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