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Holiday Shopping Tips: Why Gift Cards Make the Best Gifts

‘Tis the season for gifting! Did you know year after year, gift cards have been the most requested gift in America according to the National Retail Federation’s annual Holiday Surveys? So it’s no surprise that the NRF reported in its 2015 Gift Card Spending Survey that more than two-thirds of Americans purchased gift cards during the holiday season last year. Here are three reasons gift cards make the best gift this holiday.

1. Gift cards offer the ultimate choice.

For givers, this helps eliminate some of the stress because gift cards allow recipients the flexibility to choose their own gift. Those giving gift cards have the ultimate choice in selecting the perfect gift cards for friends and family at one-stop gift card destinations, like Gift Card Mall.

For instance, Gift Card Mall can be found at over 180,000 retailers nationwide and online at, making it the best place to purchase gift cards for more than 400 popular brands from fashion to dining out, entertainment and more.

From custom-designed gift cards, specialty packaging for the holidays, or multipacks that offer shoppers great deals, Gift Card Mall is your one stop shop for holiday gifts. 2. You can purchase gift cards at a discount!

If tallying up the amount you plan to spend on gifts is worrisome, consider using a gift card exchange to find the gift cards you want at a discount.

Established gift card exchange sites, like , purchase pre-owned gift cards - like a non-coffee drinker with a coffee shop gift card - and sell them at a hefty discount to those who do, helping everyone find the perfect gift.

Using Cardpool is a great way to save money when buying presents, too! You probably already take advantage of free shipping deals and coupon offers, so check or use the Cardpool app available for iPhone users to find discounted gift cards you can redeem at checkout. 3. Some may think gift cards aren’t very personal, but they can be!

You can personalize your gift cards by adding your own photos to the physical card or sending electronically as an egift. At, it typically takes less than 10 minutes to build a custom Visa or MasterCard prepaid gift card – just choose the amount, upload the background photo you want from Facebook or your computer and choose from more than 100 American Greetings cards to pair with the custom gift, and you’re set!

So if you’re still stuck wondering what to gift this holiday season, keep these 3 reasons in mind on why going with gift cards this holiday season is a win win.


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