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Holiday Hot Toy List

If you have children you know how much fun it is to watch them light up when they receive a toy from their favorite TV shows and two of the most popular shows for kids are Nickelodeon’s Shimmer & Shine and Blaze & the Monster Machines. That’s why these toys make my holiday toy hot list!

Shimmer and Shine is an animated preschool series featuring the fantastical adventures of genie-in-training twin sisters Shimmer and Shine and their human best friend, Leah. They have magical adventures that also teach preschoolers that persistence and teamwork always save the day!

With the Shimmer and Shine Magic Flying Carpet, little genies can lift the carpet up and pretend to fly while the carpet magically flutters and moves up and down in a realistic flying motion! It even has lots of fun phrases and the carpet comes with it’s very own Shimmer and Shine dolls so little one’s can reenact some of their favorite Genie adventures from the show!

Speaking of dolls, with the Shimmer and Shine Wish & Spin Dolls your little Shimmer fan can be just like Leah and call upon Shimmer & Shine by clapping her hands or pressing her genie bottle necklace. Shimmer & Shine come to life and magically talk, sing and move! And the gems in their bracelets will light up and sparkle.

And how cute is this girls’ Pajama Set? It’s a pink and purple multi 4 piece set. And this cuddle Pillow and throw gift set would go great with it! Both are sure to bring sweet dreams this holiday season.

Santa’s Christmas Genies is a hardcover Big Golden Book featuring full-color illustrations and an adorable story. Can Shimmer and Shine save Christmas after they accidentally make Santa disappear? Get the book to find out!

And finally for those snow days, snuggle up and watch the Welcome to Zahramay Falls DVD. Join Leah’s first magical trip to the genie world and Shimmer and Shine’s first day in Leah’s world.

Check out for more info!

Now on to Blaze & the Monster Machines! In this show, the amazing monster truck Blaze and his eight-year-old driver AJ have adventures that teach kids a STEM curriculum by exploring the physics of how things move. They tackle problems using science and math and discover the parts needed to make everyday technologies work. And of course, each episode is full of action and monster trucks! Even the songs highlight STEM concepts like adhesion, friction, force, trajectory and magnetism.

Their lineup of hot holiday gifts will ensure you get the trophy for best gift giver this season.

With the Blaze R/C Racer, kids can use the wearable wrist controller to recreate Blaze’s big race in Velocityville at home. It transforms from monster truck to race car, too! This is sure to keep your little Blaze fan busy throughout the Holidays.

And this Diecast Blaze vehicle is perfect for imaginative play and these would make great stocking stuffers.

There’s also plenty of apparel and accessories to choose from this holiday including this adorable boys’ pajama with a cool Blaze graphic.

And this plush throw, the perfect layering blanket during those cold nights. Be sure to check out the Blaze and the Monster Machines Bedding Collection for coordinating pieces that will get your Blaze fan excited about bedtime!

And for books, Blaze Meet the Machines let’s little fans meet Blaze, AJ, and all their monster truck friends in this sturdy box featuring four board books and a plastic handle.

Or get fired up for 4 action-packed episodes with the Fired Up DVD. From putting out a burning bridge or hot dog cart, there’s no emergency too big, or too small for Fire Truck Blaze!

Check out for more info on these guys.

So there you go - so many options to bring your kids’ favorite characters to life this holiday season! All of these items are available at a store near you.


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