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Hottest Tech Gifts of 2016

If you’ve got a tech lover on your gift list this holiday season, here are two fabulous ideas for you!

Kanex GoPower Watch

This is the perfect solution for those who want to travel light and cord free.The GoPower Watch is a cord-free portable battery for Apple Watch, so you can charge on-the-go. It’s Durable and lightweight which makes it easy to take with you - it’s soft touch housing feels great in your hands and looks smart on your desk.

So how does it work? Well the magnetic charging dock includes the same inductive charging connector that comes with the Apple Watch and the battery is capable of charging your Apple Watch up to 6 times. It features a USB port so you can simultaneously charge your iPhone - huge bonus! Plus, the GoPower Watch is Apple M-F-I Certified for use with the Apple Watch and iPhone, so you can expect quality performance and reliability.

Other cool features include an L-E-D indicator, which displays battery levels and charge status. And your watch lays flat on the charger, which makes it easy to use its touchscreen and other features while it’s charging.

It also features something called “Smart Priority Charging” – that means, when it’s plugged in it will charge your devices first, then GoPower Watch recharges itself while the built-in surge protection feature keeps your devices safe. It’s genius really! Check out to get more info on this hot holiday gift.

Lucid Audio AMPED Neckband

Now this next gift idea is great for so many types of people on your list - the active outdoorsy type… the on-the-go traveler, teens and grown ups alike. The Lucid Audio AMPED Neckband simultaneously amplifies the sounds around you and works like a standard set of headphones! These are engineered for the way you live and the things you love. You just drape it right on your neck - it weighs less than 2 ounces - and it will work for 10 hours of normal use with one battery charge.

Let’s think about all the cool ways you could use can amplify conversations and outside sound to up to 9x AND have your music, media and phone calls loud and clear with a touch of a button. Finally, there are no more trade-offs. You can be active AND aware when running, biking, skiing and hiking because you can hear your music and the world around you.

You can be ready for takeoff without taking off your headphones because you can hear flight instructions and not miss a moment of your movie. So for people who need just a little help hearing, now you can amplify conversations and never miss a word.

Whatever you want to hear, whenever you want to hear it, expect to Hear Better with this innovative neckband from Lucid Audio. It’s a great price point, starting at $129 and you can find it on Amazon and at


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