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Holiday Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

Let’s continue the Holiday Shopping fun with two more ideas that will suit most anyone on your list!

If you’re like me, you have soooo many photos and videos on your phone. To the point where every time I want to snap a photo I have to stop and make space - so frustrating! Picture Keeper Connect to the rescue! This one little gadget will backup your photos, videos and contacts on your smartphone, computer and tablet. You can protect your memories and free up space on your phone.

It’s really user friendly - just plug it in, click start backup on the free app or software, and let it do the work for you. You backup your device to Picture Keeper, then delete the photos and videos off your phone to make room for more, knowing they are safe and secure right here on your Picture Keeper. No WiFi needed!

This works on iOS and Android devices as well as Mac and PC. It actually recognizes each device and knows where each backup left off, which makes it super easy to share it with the whole family.

Another reason I like Picture Keeper Connect is because of the security and peace of mind you get. With a portable backup device, your files are always kept private and protected. There is never a risk of security or server issue and no complicated setup or monthly fees.

I’ve already stocked up on a few of these for myself for all the photos I know I’ll be taking this time of year and I have a couple to give as gifts. It makes a great stocking stuffer! You can find these on

And here's another smart idea. Thousands of us will be spending the holidays with a new puppy or kitten. Even if you already have a pet, don’t forget the most important and valuable thing on your checklist: medical insurance for your pet.

Young pets may be more prone to accidents as they’re learning and growing, especially around the holidays when curiosity can get them into trouble with some common holiday hazards like tinsel, lights, ribbon and poinsettias. And mature dogs and cats can get into trouble too. Accidents can and do happen, which is why it’s vital to get your pet a medical insurance policy, like what Trupanion provides, as soon as possible. The younger they are when you enroll the better, so they don’t have any pre-existing conditions.

Plus, the cost of veterinary care can easily add up and many pet owners do not have savings in place for sudden emergencies or accidents – especially during the holidays. Medical insurance for pets helps reduce the financial burden so that pet owners can focus on getting the best care for their pet instead of the financial aspect of treatment. Trupanion covers 90% of approved claims with no payout limit and, what’s really great is that they can pay veterinarians directly, so there is no need to worry about coming up with payment upfront and waiting to be reimbursed. If you ever need a time to avoid waiting for a reimbursement check, it’s during the holidays.

This is definitely an amazing holiday gift for yourself AND your pet! Visit to learn more.

Now you’re set with a few fabulous gift ideas to help you check off that holiday shopping list!


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