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  • Michelle Yarn

How to Create Customized Gift Cards

This time of year is packed with celebrations - from graduations to Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Deciding on the perfect gift for each person on your list can be daunting. How can you give a gift that they’ll want to use but with a personal touch? Well here’s an idea for you - create a custom gift card, personalized for each recipient!

We already know gift cards make the best presents because they give the recipient the freedom to buy something they truly want for themselves. And by personalizing it, you’re adding that special finishing touch to really show them you care. It’s actually really simple to do!

At and, you can create a custom Visa gift card. By replacing the standard card background with a photo from your computer or Facebook, you’ll create perfectly unique gift cards for every mom, dad or grad on your list.

Need some ideas? Give Mom a gift card with a photo of the kiddos or her grandchildren!

Or you could embarrass the good-humored grad with a photo from his or her first day of kindergarten.

You could even upload the first photo of Dad with his newborn to create a one-of-a-kind gift card that can make them smile with every swipe.

And the beauty of it is the gift card is valid where ever Visa is accepted, so they can use it almost anywhere for almost anything!

You also can send custom gift cards via email as e-gift cards. Follow the same instructions to create your personalized present and simply choose digital delivery at checkout. It’s a perfect way to give a useful gift with a personal touch to loved ones across the country or to those who love their mobile wallets. Plus, it’s a simple solution for those last minute gifting needs.

Once the card is designed, you also can choose from more than 100 American Greetings cards to go along with your plastic gift card purchase or choose a custom e-greeting to pair with your digital gift card.

From creation to delivery, giving a personalized gift card or e-gift card is a truly unique experience. You can head to and to get started!


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