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Gift Ideas for Dad this Father's Day

Father’s Day is just about a week away and if you’re still searching for the perfect gift, I’ve got some ideas to help you out! Whether he’s a fan of fashion, a techie or a coffee lover… these gifts will definitely show him you care.

#1 - Fan of Fashion

Let's start with a super fun way to help Dad show off his personality through fashion. This Father's Day, leading sock manufacturer, Gold Toe®, challenges you to ditch the tired tie and opt to spice up Dad's sock drawer with a gift so great, it comes in twos: men's socks.

From timeless and traditional collections to colorful, festive and fun options, Gold Toe has all kinds of styles fit for any occasion. I have some fun examples for you!

First, there's the Argyle Crew and Rayon Rib styles. The argyle design showcases a classic pattern with a twist, and the bright color Rayon Rib really stands out. These make for the ultimate Father’s Day gift to help add a little style to Dad’s wardrobe.

Another option is to add a touch of festivity to dad’s vacation wardrobe this summer with Gold Toe’s fun and colorful Men’s Fashion Singles. With images of parrots, lobsters, or bicycles, these socks are the perfect way to blend contemporary styling with superb quality.

And that’s important to note - yes, these socks look fashionable - but for the past 80 years, Gold Toe has designed its socks and apparel to be long lasting and comfortable too. They’re lightweight, and they have a flattened toe seam and reinforcement at the heel and toe. Gold Toe ensures each of its products truly embodies quality. You’ll find these at JC Penny, Macy’s, Kohls, Belk, as well as online at and


#2 - Techie

Now, let’s move onto a tech accessory that I know so many dads would LOVE to receive this year. This is a beautiful slim projector from Casio. This model is the XJ-A257.

So why a projector? Well imagine how happy he’d be to kick back and relax with a completely upgraded home viewing experience for sports, video games, movies, and more. We’re talking gorgeous picture quality! Casio’s Slim Projectors are powered by Casio’s LASER and LED Hybrid Light Source technology. It’s lamp free! They offer a 20,000 hour estimated lifespan with minimal brightness degradation and continuous operation.

The XJ-A257 has three types of video and audio inputs, as well as HDMI, RGB and RS-232C terminals. So using it to project any multi-media source is quick and easy. It even has a built-in light sensor that detects the ambient light in the room and adapts the projection brightness automatically. How cool is that?! And it’s at an affordable price point, to boot. Dad will love it and so will you. For additional information on Casio’s LampFree projectors, head to


#3 - Coffee Lover

Now if Dad is fan of coffee - here is an awesome idea he will use for Father’s Day and every day after! Help your dad stay caffeinated this Father’s Day with the perfect gift bundle from Keurig. Below is a Keurig® K55 Coffee Maker in black, select K-Cup pod® varieties, and a Keurig® red stainless steel travel mug!

Keurig’s K55 classic coffee maker, has the ability to brew a single beverage in under one minute so it’s the perfect gift to keep him energized throughout the day. Whether it’s for his home office or his workshop, the K55 brewer is a great fit for any area of the home and can help him complete those pesky projects he has been meaning to get to.

And then for the coffee - Green Mountain Coffee® Dark Magic® is the perfect K-Cup pod® blend for any dad that enjoys a quality cup of dark roast coffee. And if he likes a little variety why not get him The Original Donut Shop® regular medium roast as well? If dad is always out and about, he’d probably love to take his coffee on the go. So be sure to also get him a Keurig® red stainless steel travel mug

Head over to to find all of these items and more!


And those are 3 Father’s Day gift ideas to show the Dad in your life that he’s really something special!


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