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Top Go-To Holiday Gift Ideas

With the winter holidays nearly here, you may be struggling to check off everyone on your shopping list. It can be tricky making sure you’re buying the right gift for a variety of different tastes and preferences—and there are a lot of options to choose from. But there’s one choice that’s failsafe, convenient, and will suit everyone on your list.

Year after year, gift cards are the most requested gift in America. Shopper research by the Retail Gift Card Association found roughly three quarters of U.S. shoppers plan to buy plastic gift cards this year and one quarter will buy egifts.

And it makes sense! Gift cards enable recipients to have the freedom to buy something they truly want without feeling guilty about it, and most can be easily bought and spent in-store, online, or via mobile devices like smartphones.

Here’s a look at some popular gift card choices for your holiday shopping:

Cabela’s offers a wide variety of quality outdoor gear and enjoyable shopping experiences, especially in-store through their education and entertainment features. A gift card is a perfect way to make sure the avid camper, fisherman, or hunter in your life can get the gear they want most. This year, you can even give the limited-edition steel gift card for $100 denomination gifts—at no additional charge—while also including your own personalized message to the recipient.

And if you’re looking for a place to knock out all of your shopping at once, try Gift Card Granny—the largest discount gift card website with more than 300,000 different discounted gift card deals. Granny partners with trusted sellers to find the best gift card deals on the Internet—saving you money on everyday purchases by buying your loved one’s favorite brand’s gift card at a discount of up to 35% off. You can even put your purchase dollars toward Granny Rewards to save on future purchases.

If you love the movies, Regal Cinemas also offers opportunities to give a terrific movie experience all ages will enjoy. They have more than 560 locations nationwide, and with great blockbuster movies on the horizon, a gift card is a perfect way to make sure the people on your list can treat themselves to some fun. And as an added bonus, now through December 31st, visit your local Regal theater to receive a free $10 concessions bonus card when you purchase their $50 Bonus Pack.

Here’s another neat one, Stockpile gift cards are the easiest way to give, buy, and own stock by the dollar, not the share. They are redeemable for stock in publicly traded companies like Apple, Disney, Google, Facebook, and Tesla. Stockpile gift cards are a great way for kids, teens, and new investors of any age to learn about investing and start building wealth for their future. Once recipients redeem their gift card, they can buy more stock or sell for just 99 cents a trade. It’s free to open a Stockpile account, and there are no monthly fees or account minimums. Buy them at or participating retailers.

And lastly, from grills and gardening to crafts and renovation projects large and small, gift cards to The Home Depot are the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Help kick-start a recipient’s DIY project, update their toolbox and reward their green thumb this holiday season with a Home Depot Gift Card. Thanks to guaranteed low prices throughout the store, Home Depot gift cards will maximize recipients’ purchase value. Be sure to check out the wide assortment of holiday themed gift cards at the front of the store!

And remember, shoppers who choose to buy physical gift cards shouldn’t forget presentation. Many retailers offer a variety of packaging options to help personalize your gifts even more.

With these ideas , you are well on your way to giving everyone on your list something they truly want this year!

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