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Gift Ideas for the Creators in Your Life


Hey everyone! With the holidays upon us I wanted to take a moment and give you a gift idea for the creators in your life because more than ever, people are valuing experiences over things. Makes sense, right?! I mean, Just look at the latest group deals app or viral social media videos. They often include people doing things because experiences make us feel and allow us to create memories. So this holiday season I suggest you take your gifting game to the next level and give a one-of-a-kind experience.

You know the saying “Can’t teach an old dog new tricks”? Well that is simply not true! Learning can be experienced for a lifetime and in fun ways too! I mean have you ever wanted to operate your digital camera to it’s full ability (I have!), learn calligraphy or master the power of body language? Well it’s never too late and with the ease of CreativeLive, you can add a new skill to your belt because everyone starts somewhere!

Fundamentals of Photography

Learn Calligraphy

The Art of Body Language

CreativeLive has more than 1500 classes and 650 expert instructors and you can learn with 10 million other students from around the world! In fact, it’s been THE place for life-long learners looking to enhance their creativity-- beloved by hobbyists and pros alike since it was founded in 2010. CreativeLive believes that there is a creator in all of us and they make it so easy to get started, just head over to creative live dot com slash holiday to sign up and browse all types of classes. From beginning photography to hand lettering and jewelry making. The social learning environment makes it the perfect place to ask questions, connect with classmates and learn what you’ve always wanted to know. In addition, lifelong learning opens up and enhances your mind and helps give your life meaning. So lots of great reasons!

And I also want to mention another benefit that is really cool, you'll have access to interviews with Richard Branson or take a class taught by experts Like Tim Ferriss or Mel Robbins. So from business, to tech to the arts, this is an experience worth gifting to the creative ones in your life or yourself this holiday season!

So live your dreams, take a leap of faith and try something new. To experience it for yourself and for some holiday deals the place to visit is


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