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A New Way to Shop for Your Next Car

Who doesn’t love going out and test driving a car? It’s so much fun, you get to see the look and feel of a car up close! And of course, you get to check out all the bells and whistles - I love learning about all the new features and specs! So if you think trying out a new model is thrilling, you should really take some time and test drive the all-new Autotrader! It’s a souped up way to shop ALL the cars you’re looking for.

Autotrader has a brand new updated design and the new responsive look means Autotrader is still the same reliable experience but now on all three, desktop and tablet.

With it being streamlined on all three, it’s easier to navigate, wherever you’re conducting your car search. Plus the all-new design itself is easier on the eyes...even if you’ve always loved Autotrader like me, you’ll notice the new and improved experience right away.

Now let me show you some of Autotrader’s all-new features! A big one for me, for the first time ever, Kelley Blue Book Price Advisor is accompanying cars for sale on Autotrader, so shoppers can instantly compare the asking price to that trusted Kelley Blue Book range, and help assess whether the deal is fair.

Kelley Blue Price Advisor is a valuation tool included in the new Autotrader website that gives car buyers a realistic range of what they can expect to pay this week for a given make, model, year and MSRP in their area. It gives shoppers the confidence that a price is fair, knowing that the range is derived from multiple factors including actual car sales near you.

As part of updating of the experience, Autotrader took steps to make the performance faster, so it literally takes less time to find the cars that shoppers are looking for.

They even took it one step further by updating the search algorithm itself to bolster search relevance – meaning smarter results more inclined to match what shoppers are looking for.

With supercharged speed, responsive reliability, and fair price confidence from the Kelley

Blue Book Price Advisor, the all new Autotrader is better than ever. You’ll be able to shop all the cars like never before. And remember - if you can’t find your next car on Autotrader, you won’t find it anywhere. So go ahead, take the all-new Autotrader for a spin!


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