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Untangle the Holidays

Did you know that National Brush Your Hair Day was November 8th? So why not untangle the upcoming holiday season and pamper yourself with a customizable hair brush made for your own hair type!

If you have fine, normal or thick hair, The Michel Mercier Detangling Brushes are your answer to untangle your day with ease! As the first brush of its kind to allow you to customize your brushing experience for your specific hair type, they’re 428 bristles and 32 different heights allow you to apply just the right amount of pressure to brush through wet or dry hair. The rounded bristles with 16 different widths and locations, gently massage and stimulate blood circulation to the scalp, turning your bad hair day upside down!

Here is a sneak peak of the lines!

First up is the Classic Line. The first of its kind to launch on the market, its patented design quickly detangles hair, leaving strands feeling healthy and shiny without worrying about excess hair loss or breakage while brushing.

The Elegant Line has a sleek, elongated, thinner brush handle to allow for easy use.

And for those who love to brush in the shower, the Spa Line is really cool with it’s special anti-slip handle. For best results, use after applying shampoo or conditioner.

Teaching good brushing habits starts young with the Girlie Line, designed for girls ages 3 and older. The compact and ergonomic handle allows for an easy grip, so girls can brush their own hair with ease and without pain. Definitely getting one of these for my daughter!

Next I have the Travel Line, which consists of small, round brushes with a compact and ergonomic design. The Travel brush easily fits into any purse, makeup or toiletry case, gym bag or other small carry on. Perfect for on-the-go!

Now for a natural look, you’ll want to check out the Pro-beauty Wooden Line. It’s Italian wooden design provides natural elegance and guaranteed anti-static hair to the touch.

And finally, the Blow Dry Line. This is the ultimate brush for drying and styling wet hair, giving you professional-grade results. It also helps hair to dry quicker while removing static, tangles and knots.

So, look forward to untangling your holiday season and head to or With their holiday special going on now through November 30th, you can buy any 2 brushes for $20 so you can get the perfect detangling brush just for you.


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