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Holiday Hosting Tips for Pet Parents

As we prep our homes for holiday hosting, it’s a good idea to pay attention to details. And if you’re a cat parent, that means making sure your feline is guest ready too! With these simple tips, your home will be welcoming in no time.

#1 First Impressions Matter! You want the first thing people to notice as they walk in the door to be the smell of baked cookies, not the smell of cat litter. You might say it will take a miracle to rid your home of that smell, but really all it takes is a genie...a Litter Genie!

This compact, discreet container helps to stop cat litter smell in your home. It’s been recommended by cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy and is a must-have for anyone hosting this holiday season! Each Standard Refill has 7 layers of protection to lock in odors and last up to EIGHT weeks for one cat, giving you peace of mind during a very busy season!

All you have to do is scoop the soiled litter, deposit it into Litter Genie and Pull the handle to lock in! On you can choose from the Standard pail, Plus size pail and now the XL pail, all with refills. So if you have one cat or many cats, your guests won’t know, unless you want to show them off.

#2: Brush Up! The only white fluffy balls that should be around this holiday season are snowballs, not dog and cat furballs! Unfortunately, pet hair can really travel into all sorts of nooks and crannies. So to help keep your home looking beautiful and hair free, your pet needs a good grooming!

To help with this The Michel Mercier Pet Brush is the only pet brush on the market that tackles grooming, de-tangling and de-shedding. To keep your pet’s fur healthy and shiny, the Michel Mercier Pet Brush has spaced rubber bristles for gently grooming your pet’s silky coat. It’ll remove even the finest loose hair without pulling, hurting or irritating skin. And you can use it on other animals too, so if you’ve got dogs, it will serve double duty! Plus, it keeps you in mind with an ergonomic grip handle to make brushing your pet comfortable and if you happen to see any ticks, the convenient tick remover will help you out.

This brush is available at and comes in Fine or Thick hair options.

With these simple tips, your home will be ready to host in no time!

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