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Back-to-School Season Essentials

To be unstoppable in the new school year, you've got to have the right tools – or shall we say the "write" tools? From tried and true favorites to fresh new items, these A+ products from Pilot Pen will help students conquer this school year.

Start the year right with the G2. It's the ultimate pen for the everyday overachiever – and the G2 Special Edition is their newest partner in productivity. With ultra-smooth writing, this Special Edition pen is designed to deliver the proven performance of America's #1 selling, longest writing gel ink pen with a modern look.

Next, create calm and spark creativity in the classroom with Pilot's Mineral Art and Harmony Collections. Inspired by nature and color psychology, these carefully selected hues symbolize balance, calm, meditation, relaxation, and hope.

The G2 Limited Edition Mineral Art Collection features vibrant new ink colors inspired by nature that promote balance, meditation, and hope. Each Black, Gray, Iris Blue, Apricot Orange, Salmon, and Turquoise pen features the same ultra-smooth, long-lasting gel ink and comfortable grip as your favorite G2.

The Harmony collection of colors is also available in the new Precise V7 Limited Harmony Collection, which lets you dive into every colorful detail. This lively assortment of premium rolling ball pens includes Lilac, Cherry, Periwinkle, Honey Yellow, Salmon, and Emerald ink color options in equally inviting matching capped barrels.

As a parent, juggling the kid's activities is a lot to keep track of. With the FriXion line of erasable products, rescheduled appointments and canceled plans don't have to cause stress. FriXion's clean erasing lets you make updates and change plans as often as needed while keeping your planner neat and your family on schedule.

The latest innovation to the FriXion line is the FriXion Synergy Clicker – a fusion of FriXion's remarkable, erasable ink

with all-new, extra-fine Synergy tip technology. The result is a pen engineered to deliver exceptionally smooth, ultra-precise writing and truly clean erasing — so you can write, erase, and re-write until every detail is just right.

Pilot Pen also has an array of greener options you can refill to reduce plastic waste, and G2 now offers the world's first pen made of recycled water bottles! The B2P G2 pens contain 89 percent post-consumer plastic.

And, since all B2P varieties are easily refillable and reusable, you can continue to enjoy your favorite pen without creating additional waste. With up to 10 vibrant ink color options and a fun and unique water bottle-inspired barrel design, you won't have to compromise on quality to make a sustainable choice.

To learn more about today's products, visit and pick up your favorite Pilot pens at Walmart, Target, Amazon, Staples, or your other favorite retailers.

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