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Make Memories, Travel, & Enjoy Time with Family This Summer

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Summer offers some of the best opportunities to enjoy the outdoors with friends and family. But these precious moments often get tempered by the ever-looming household chores like

cleaning and tidying up the home. Putting so much effort into getting your home ready before spending time with friends and loved ones can quickly take the enjoyment away. Don’t let it this summer.

Maid Brigade is here to help! Our professional house cleaning services are here to support you and remove the challenge of keeping your home clean and healthy. We give you the time

needed to enjoy the great outdoors this summer (for some of us, that means a glass of wine on a patio with friends). With our trusted cleaning teams by your side, you can enjoy the peace of mind that your home is in good hands.

The Health Benefits of Summertime Outdoor Activities

We don’t have to remind you of the importance of spending time outdoors, right? Well, if you’re feeling the need a bit of added motivation, here’s a list of benefits:

● Making memories to last a lifetime

● Enjoyment of physical activity and sport

● Vitamin D boost

● Mental well-being

● Quality family time

● Enhanced creativity

● Social interaction

● Exposure to nature

● Adventure and exploration

● Personal growth and self-reflection

The long summer days are a great time to take advantage and reap the benefits of outdoor fun.

Plan Your Summer Vacations with Ease and Freedom

Whether you’re going international or staying local, vacations can involve a lot of planning,

budgeting, and scheduling. Taking the time to plan your trip out to be all that you want and more can ease some of the travel anxiety and give you something to look forward to this summer!

Eco-friendly Cleanings, Matching the Simplicity of Summer

Maid Brigade’s eco-friendly cleaning processes and equipment make your home as relaxing as a night by the fire pit. Our proprietary PUREcleaning processes ensures no harmful cleaning materials are used during any part of the cleaning. All of our cleaning products are completely safe for children, seniors, and pets. No toxic residues. No dyes. No ingredients you can’t pronounce. A completely clean home.

Get your summer started on the right foot. Spend your time outside and enjoy the benefits of

sunshine, warmer weather, road trips, and whatever else the adventurer inside you seeks!

For help getting started, call your closest Maid Brigade location. You can find us at

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