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Earth Conscious Beauty

Earth Day was April 22nd but with some simple changes to the way you live, you can help the world year round. Here are 3 easy ways to help you become more eco-friendly starting with your beauty routine.

Tip #1: Cut-Out the Cotton. All those disposable cotton pads and makeup wipes create so much unnecessary waste. According to WWF, the amount of water needed to produce one kilogram of cotton, which is one of our basic white T-Shirts, is the same amount of water one person would drink over three years. So ditch the single re-use pads and try using a microfiber cloth to remove your makeup instead. You’ll be amazed at how easily your makeup completely wipes clean with one of these! Plus, you’ll save not having to spend money on the disposable options.

Tip #2: Choose Products with Eco-Friendly packaging. Make sure you know what you’re putting onto your skin by choosing products that are gentle on you and the earth, like Schwarzkopf Simply Color with its 100% recyclable carton. Simply Color’s nourishing formula contains zero percent ammonia silicone or alcohol and includes botanic oat milk, soy protein, and argan oil. This gentle hair color delivers up to 100% gray coverage with natural looking, long lasting color results. Plus, you’ll enjoy visibly healthier hair.

In fact, it’s the #1 Hair Color of 2020! The application is super easy and delivers even color from root to tip. Plus, it's suitable for all hair textures and types and is dermatologist tested to be gentle on the scalp.

Tip #3: Look for Multi Use Products. Multi use products means less waste and less cost. So look for all-in-one makeup sticks that you can use on your cheeks, lips and eyes. Or get creative with items you already have! That eyebrow pencil can double as a daytime eyeliner or try mixing your blush with a little vaseline and a lip brush to create a custom lip color!

To celebrate mother earth this month, try incorporating these easy changes into your beauty routine one day at a time and you’ll be well on your way to living a more eco-friendly lifestyle!

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