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Everyday Footwear Essentials

When it comes to shoe shopping, I'm a simple gal. I'm looking for comfort, style, and something that can support me through my day, no matter the weather. Then an amazing shoe walked into my life...called Vessi.

Vessi shoes are like clouds on your feet, and they're unlike anything you've ever worn. Each shoe is carefully crafted with vegan materials to bring you the most lightweight, breathable comfort possible.

And I know you might be thinking, what's going on with the shoe in the jar? Well, unlike your typical shoes, Vessi shoes are special. They're the world's first 100% waterproof knit shoes. Thanks to Vessi's Dyma-tex technology, these shoes allow heat to escape but keep water out, protecting your feet from rain, snow, and any puddles that stand in your way.

We're stepping into 2 Vessi creations from their Unisex Weekend Collection. Once you lace these bad girls up, they make your Monday through Friday feel more like Saturday and Sunday. They're your go-to travel shoes, your quick errand shoes, your dog walking shoes and you might not ever want to take them off.

Available in colors like Asphalt Black, Oak Brown, and many more, The Weekend Sneaker is perfect for any outfit and any adventure you might have planned. And no matter what the weather brings along the way, Vessi will keep your feet cozy and dry so you can live your best life every day of the week. Best of all, when they get dirty, simply pop them in the wash and get back to living!

To shop more colors and check out other Vessi shoes for the whole family, head over to today to grab a pair of the world's first waterproof sneakers!

Use promo code LIFESTYLELIST for $25 off adult sneakers!

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