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Nursery Must-Haves


Whether you're expecting or just getting the hang of being a new parent, Hubble Connected is here to help keep your home and children safe!

Designed by real parents, Hubble Connected uses technology to bring you peace of mind, no matter where you are, to ensure a smarter, safer, connected world. The award-winning international brand recently launched a new suite of baby tech items to help you create a connected nursery ecosystem. Today, I have a nursery gamechanger called Nursery Pal Premium.

This must-have tech is no longer just for parents and it’s more than just a baby monitor. It doubles as an interactive parent unit for you and an entertaining, educational touch screen viewer for children.

Featuring Baby Mode, tiny tots can engage with interactive videos, picture books, games, and more that grow and evolve with your child.

For parents, Nursery Pal Premium features a high-definition color touchscreen, live streaming, motion detection, a protective bumper, flashlight, and binding for privacy. It even detects room temperature! And thanks to the unit's crystal clear display, you'll always keep an eye on your little one during the day or night with infrared night vision. Plus, it offers a two-way talk feature to easily communicate with your children!

And the features don't end there. Parents can utilize the HubbleClub free subscription, which is available on the HubbleClub by Hubble Connected mobile app. Access your live streams in real-time, capture cute moments to share with family, and receive sound, motion, and room temperature notifications straight to your mobile device. The HubbleClub app also provides a video sleep diary feature and sleep reports that give insight into your baby’s night. This daily report shows how your baby slept, when they moved the most during the night, total hours of sleep, a unique sleep score, and more. The HubbleClub app is a helpful tool that provides insight for peace of mind.

With Hubble Connected, your security and safety are a top priority. That's why All Hubble Connected products will be ISO / IEC 27001 certified to ensure that effective security controls and policies are in place.

To learn more and have peace of mind for your children's safety, visit to purchase Nursery Pal Premium today!

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