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Painting Tips & Trends for Your Next Project

If you've ever wanted to tackle a fun painting project, traditional spray paint gets the job done fast, but - it has its limitations. Overspraying, drips and streaks can ruin your project's finish, and what was supposed to be a quick job suddenly turns into one that needs to be redone. Luckily, our friends at Glidden Paint brand by PPG are changing the DIY game with a one-can-wonder.

Introducing Glidden Max Flex spray paint! It eliminates the pain points of drips and streaks with a five-minute dry time and flawless finish. Thanks to its unique fan spray pattern, it ensures smooth coverage in fewer spray passes than traditional conical spray patterns. And I can assure you that you've never sprayed paint like this before!

Its innovative technology is unmatched in the spray paint category. And you can use it on almost any surface or substrate of any size, including wood, metal, plastic, vinyl, and glass. A great way to update your space on a budget, transform patio furniture, refresh an antique cabinet, or restore an old bicycle. Whatever you choose to use it for, Glidden Max Flex spray delivers the high-coverage, ultra-durable finish you're after.

Additional products in this incredible line include their Max Flex Exterior Fabric spray paint. It doubles as an exterior paint with primer and protects your outdoor fabrics like rugs and vinyl from ultraviolet rays - perfectly preserving the look and feel of your items.

Backed by more than 135 years of expertise, Glidden makes your DIY painting projects a breeze. Ready to tackle your next project with confidence? Find the full Glidden Max Flex spray paint lineup exclusively at select HOME DEPOT® locations and nationwide at!

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