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Parent Approved Toys for Spring

Whether your child has been watching Go! Go! Cory Carson on Netflix or just discovered it on the Netflix Jr. YouTube channel, Bumperton Hills is full of fun with Cory and friends as they travel the winding roads of childhood. And now, kiddos everywhere can really bring their adventures to life with a few new toys from our friends at VTech.

The award-winning Go! Go! Cory Carson toy line, for kids ages 2 years and up, lets kids create their own adventures for Cory and his friends, with vehicles based on the show's characters and playsets inspired by the show's most popular scenes.

Today I've got 3 new toys to share for all kinds of exciting adventures, so let's jump right in!

First, nothing sparks more joy than hearing the jingle of an ice cream truck in the neighborhood! With Two Scoops Eileen Ice Cream Truck, kids can watch and listen as Eileen rolls around, lights up, and sings songs from the show. Plus, this ice cream truck includes her best pals, Cory and Chrissy Carson! Kiddos can drive these special edition mini PlayZone characters right up to Eileen's window for even more interactive fun!

Next, launch into an exciting playdate with the Carsons at The Carson Playhouse! Explore the house's quirky fun with the Cory and Chrissy PlayZone characters. Activate their PlayZone areas to listen to their unique phrases from the show. Have a blast on the seesaw, or press the mailbox to flip open the garage door to launch the characters into the tire swing!

And finally, save the day with Fire Rescue Captain Cory! Listen to fun phrases by pressing the light-up windshield button. Roll him around Bumperton Hills for cool sound effects, and place the fire hose on his back to learn all about firefighter training!

To learn more about these fun new Go! Go! Cory Carson toys, visit Carson!

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