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Declutter Your Home: 101

Have you ever been late getting out of the house because you couldn’t find something? Excess stuff causes us stress (living with piles of stuff surrounding us is exhausting), money (we buy things we already own but either can’t find or forget we have) and time (the constant search for that thing we can never find). So why not roll-up your sleeves and get to work already? Because the task of decluttering can be overwhelming. Take these helpful tips into consideration!

Give Yourself a Time Limit

No one has an entire day to declutter, but minutes do add up over time! If you have 10, 20 or even 30 minutes a day, pick a project you think will take that amount of time to do. One cupboard, shelf or drawer for example! Set a timer to help stay within your designated time frame.

Start Small

Take it one project at a time -- bathroom cupboard, under the sink, etc.

Prep Boxes

Set out empty boxes with labels on each before you begin your project so what you’re sorting through has a designated space for the time being:



-Put Away

Then, be sure to immediately take action on these boxes -- take the trash out, turn in your donations right away and find homes for items you will keep as soon as possible.

Designate One Room a Month

Don’t fool yourself into thinking you can declutter your entire house in one week. Split your home up into rooms or sections and give each it’s own, full month to complete.

Here’s to less stuff and a more stress free year!

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