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Pack Like the Pros

According to a recent study conducted by Holiday Hypermarket, nine out of ten women never wear all the clothes (including the eight pairs of shoes) they pack for vacation. Let’s face it gals, we’re all guilty of over packing. There have definitely been a time or two in my life where money is wasted paying for that overweight bag.

Consider these helpful tips the next time you lug out your suitcase and begin prepping for that getaway.

1. Plan Out Your Outfits

This may sound obvious, but make sure you’re considering all of your events/activities and plan out each outfit accordingly. Blogger Mojan Sami even suggests making flashcards with each day's itinerary and each outfit so you can see what you'd like to wear and what you need to pack.

2. Pack Versatile Pieces

Be sure to pack flexible clothing so that all of your items are easily mixed and matched and transitionable from day to night, saving your precious packing space. Basics are always a staple in my bag because you can wear them with almost anything.


Do we really need 3 pairs of heels? Limit your shoes to your three favorite pairs and make sure they vary in style. For example, I like to do a versatile pair of flats, nude heels to go with any and everything and a pair of sneakers for activities and lots of walking.

4. Think Small

Make a trip to your favorite beauty supply store to stock up on travel sized toiletries. Large bottles of lotions and perfumes can take up a lot of space and weight. Sephora even has a points reward system where you can receive various, free sample sizes - perfect to stock up on for your next trip.

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