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Language Learning Tips with Lingoda

The world is full of amazing places to travel to. With so many cultures rich with history, destinations like Paris, London, Berlin, Santo Domingo or San José are well worth the trip. But if not knowing their native tongue has you on the fence about going to your dream destination - fear not! Lingoda is here to help.

Even though there are no shortcuts to learning a new language, Lingoda helps you create a daily habit of learning, guiding you every step of the way. Their language learning courses have helped over 100,000 students from all around the world build cultural bridges across the world.

Once you join, you'll participate in a highly structured curriculum centered around human interaction and maximum conversation time. Certified teachers lead live private or group classes with an average of 5 students for a personal experience. You'll learn everything from the basics, grammar, vocabulary, and fluency to real-life language and cultural context. And since there are multiple ranges of accents and speaking styles, Lingoda even rotates teachers and students from more than 120 countries - so you're exposed to everything you need to succeed.

Best of all, no matter how busy your schedule, Lingoda's program is super flexible, so you can learn anytime, anywhere from your home laptop or mobile phone. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

With Lingoda, learning a foreign language is possible for anybody- even you! To learn more and get started ahead of your summer trip, visit and start crushing your language learning goals!

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