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Keeping Your Pets Happy & Healthy

Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love and for me, that includes love for our animals too! In our household, our pets are valued members of the family. Keeping them happy and healthy is super important so I enlisted Dr. Brent Mayabb, Experienced Veterinarian and VP of Corporate Affairs over at Royal Canin, to share some tips on how to do just that.

All About The Food!

The first and most important piece of advice he shared was choosing the right kind of food. Kittens and puppies have multiple stages of growth and need a specific diet that meets their nutritional needs to promote proper development and bone growth. Dr. Mayabb suggests picking a pet food brand that has plenty of options so you are able to choose the food that best suits your pet’s needs at the time.

His pick? Royal Canin! They’re a global leader in pet health nutrition and offer more than 200 diets that address the nutritional needs of cats and dogs based on their age, size, breed and health lifestyle. Dr. Mayabb even brought in this adorable kitten, Teddy and shared that he loves the Royal Canin® Feline Health Nutrition™ Kitten dry cat food because it helps to support his immune system, maintain digestive health and support healthy growth, and allow for easy weaning. We must not have been that exciting for Teddy because this adorable little guy was drifting in and out of sleep during our conversation. At least he felt comfortable relaxing to the fullest in Dr. Mayabb’s arms!

Royal Canin even makes it easy for you to select the right product. You simply call them and ask at 1-800-592-6687! The line is staffed with veterinarians and veterinary technicians who are ready to advise you in the right direction when it comes to choosing the best food type to suit your pet’s specific needs.

The Basic Necessities

Now that we had the important food choice down, I wanted to find out some of Dr. Mayabb’s other tips to keeping a kitty like Teddy healthy and happy. He broke it down to the essentials for us:

1. Select a small bowl for food and larger bowl for fresh water (glass, stainless steel or ceramic bowls are recommended)

2. Chose a litter box that’s deep enough and that suits your kitten

3. Keep the food and water and the litter box separate

4. Place a warm, comfortable bed in a place where your kitten can be near you while you’re home

Keep Them Out of Harm's Way

I was surprised to learn that there are quite a few everyday, household items that could be very dangerous for a small kitten like Teddy. Dr. Mayabb stressed that while cats need exercise and stimulation, it’s important to keep some things in mind to make sure their environment is safe:

1. Hide exposed electrical wires and block unused electrical outlets

2. Put away small items like rubber bands, paperclips, string, pens, pencils and needles

3. Provide a scratching post to keep your kitty from scratching your furniture and be sure to provide a few toys to encourage your kitten to interact with you and help ward off boredom, which can sometimes lead to behavioral issues

Regular Check Ups

Beyond these helpful tips to keep our pets safe, Dr. Mayabb informed us that animals - especially kittens and cats - can be very good at covering up signs of illness. Meaning it’s super important to have your cat or dog examined by your veterinarian yearly, and even twice a year as they get older.

For tips on pet food and general pet care, Dr. Mayabb advised we check out It’s a really helpful resource for pet parents who want to provide their animals with the best love and care possible!

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