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Keep Your Pet Healthy with the New Pet Diabetes Tracker APP

We LOVE our pets like family and we want them to live long, happy lives! But sometimes it can be hard to stay on top of what’s best for them. Here are 4 pet parenting tips to keep your furry family members feeling their best!

1. Plenty to eat and drink.

Fresh, clean water is a must. And for food? It’s more than just keeping their bellies full. A good diet can help strengthen your pet’s immune system, help keep joints and muscles healthy, give them a shiny coat and the energy for playtime!

2. Regular vet exams.

Just like humans, your pet needs to see a doctor regularly. It’s more than just vaccinations! A routine veterinary exam can uncover health issues you may not be able to see and early diagnosis can improve the chances of successfully treating your pet.

3. Use technology to your advantage.

In today’s tech world, there are so many great resources to help you actively track and maintain your pet’s health,

especially if they need special attention. For instance, Merck Animal Health developed the free PetDiabetes Tracker APP to help improve the quality of life of diabetic pets.

You can track activity, water intake, eating habits, general health status and body condition.

There’s even an option to record your pet’s blood glucose levels, urine glucose and urine ketones. Then, you can send the info to your pet’s vet clinic to help them monitor his well-being and even adjust the current treatment regimen, if necessary.

It also makes your life easier with reminders and alerts for routine monitoring, daily insulin injections, veterinary follow-up visits and to order more insulin. For added safety, the PetDiabetes Tracker APP also has a warning function to alert you if the condition of your diabetic pet worsens and a vet visit becomes imminent.

You can download the PetDiabetes Tracker for free from the APP Store or from the Google Play store !

4. Playtime is paramount.

Both dogs and cats need mental and physical stimulation to stay healthy. That could mean daily playtime and walks ouside with your pooch OR scracting posts, window perches and toys for your cat. Whatever you do, excercise, playtime and interaction with you will keep your pet's boredom at bay and strengthen your bond together.

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