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How to Encourage Safety in Your Community

Whether you live in a city setting or out in the suburbs, keeping your neighborhood safe and secure is a team effort, but it all starts with you! Here are some ways to encourage safety in and around your residential community.

1. Know your neighbors

At the very least, get to know the people living in your direct vicinity. It’s as simple as ringing the doorbell and saying hello! Do they work during the day? Have kids? Knowing the basics helps you be aware of who is in your neighborhood.

2. Encourage outdoor activity

Whether it’s taking frequent walks, playing with the kids outside, working in your yard and even organizing a neighborhood barbeque can encourage others to spend more time outside and be aware of their surroundings.

3. Security Measures

Make sure your community’s security measures are safe, secure and up to code. The number of households residing within gated communities is on the rise. To make sure each and every person that lives or works within a gated community is safe and secure, this January, Underwriters Laboratories – the global independent safety science company – updated its safety standards for automatic gates, known as UL 325.

If you live or work in a community with automatic gates at any entry or exit point, make sure they meet the latest UL 325 standards, and operate safely and properly.

If they don’t, consider replacing these gates with ones that do, such as LiftMaster’s High-Traffic Commercial DC Gate Operators.

Did you know, LiftMaster is the only manufacturer to update its entire line to meet and exceed the new standards? LiftMaster is the nation’s leading manufacturer of residential and commercial gate operators and are constantly working to educate community members, HOA's and property managers on the importance of gate safety.

Gated communities offer residents increased peace-of-mind, knowing their families and households are safe and secure. To strengthen your community’s entry and exit points, ensure your community’s gates and access systems have been professionally installed by a safety-trained dealer and are inspected regularly.

For more information on gate operators and how you can keep your neighborhood safe and secure, visit

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