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M.Y. On-the-Go Essentials

We’re all busy and in a typical day I can go from the office, to the gym, to my son Jack’s basketball practice and back home again...with the occasional date night thrown in there, too! I have some some on-the-go essentials that are always in my bag that will always come in handy as your day turns into night.

Safety Pins

You may not have considered this, but safety pins are a lifesaver if you pop a button or a seam. I’ve used them to keep a zipper closed… at work! They can even keep your jewelry together should a necklace clasp break.

USB Flash Drive

Another handy item to keep on you at all times. You can hook it on your keychain or just toss it in your bag. You’d be surprised how often I’ve needed this thing! You can back up important documents when traveling or giving a presentation at work. I’ve even had to send last minute documents to the kids’ doctor’s office and school.

A Good Snack

I also never leave home without a good snack. You may be working through lunch, need a pick me up before a gym session or want something to hold you over until dinner. Whatever the reason, be sure to stock up on high protein snacks that are portable. Spring is around the corner too, meaning more people are getting outside and getting active.

These Jack Link’s Protein Snacks are the perfect portable snack to keep you fueled regardless of where you go and what you’re doing. With high protein, low carb options ranging from Original Beef Jerky with 12 grams of protein, to Chicken Jerky with 11 grams of protein, Jack Link’s has a snack to feed every wild side. And with flavors like Jalapeno, Sriracha, Teriyaki or Steakhouse, there’s an option to match anyone’s salty snack craving. Basically, these guys are an ideal snack to keep in your purse, car or gym bag because they're filling and satisfying, portable and shelf-stable and nutritious with no added MSG or nitrites.

Cell Phone Charger

You’ll also want some type of portable cell phone charger. Our cell phones are our life lines so don’t get stranded with a perfectly good phone that’s just died on you. There are cases, charging pads and even the small external chargers to choose from. They don’t take up much space at all.

Insulated Water Bottle

This is also a must have. We don’t drink enough water as it is so having a bottle with you will encourage you to sip throughout the day. And with warm weather approaching, it’s good to get into that habit of having water on hand, now.

Pair of Flats

And finally, no on-the-go bag would be complete without a backup pair of flats. This is especially important if you wear heels to work or the shoes you are wearing get uncomfortable or give you blisters. If you’ve got a long day ahead of you, you’ll be so grateful you can slip these on as you go.

And there you have it. These are the items that are always in my bag helping me take on the day and whatever it may bring!

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