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M.Y. Top 4 Tips to Simplify Your Beauty Routine

Spring is on its way and that means warmer weather! While we’re lightening up in the wardrobe department, maybe it’s time to cut back on the time spent on your beauty routine as well! Here are my top 4 tips for simplifying your regimen so you can spend less time primping and more time enjoying this gorgeous spring season!

1. Start your routine the night before.

I always try to shower and prepare my hair before I go to bed. Not only is a nice warm shower or bath a super relaxing way to end the night, but all you have to do the next day is get dressed and touch up your hair. You’ll have more time and a less stressful morning.

2. Skip the face wash in the AM.

If you wash and moisturize at night, then your skin is still clean when you wake up. In fact, if you wash it too often, you’ll end up drying out your skin. A quick rinse and moisturizer with SPF in the morning is all you need.

3. Stop with the shaving maddness already!

Did you know that 97% percent of us still use a traditional razor? AND that we’re spending hundreds of dollars every year AND a ton of time on a daily basis just to get fuzz free? There’s a much more effective way to go about it.

My fix is the Silk’n Flash&Go Express. It’s an FDA-cleared device that uses patented Home Pulsed Light Technology to permanently remove hair from head to toe with ease. That’s right, this device is safe to use on the face from the cheekbones down. It uses gentle pulses of light that disable hair growth at the root.

It’s SO simple to use and it has a convenient, ergonomic design so you can treat even the hard to reach areas. In only 2-4 sessions, you’ll experience a permanent reduction in hair that is comparable to results you get from those professional procedures. But most importantly you are saving time to do things that matter more! Flash&Go Express is patented, painless and safer than razors. It really is a beautiful way to remove unwanted hair forever.

And be sure to get in on The Not Shaven Challenge. Silk’n is so confident in the technology that if after using the Silk’n Flash&Go Express you don’t find it better than razors, Silk’n will offer a full refund and buy a year’s worth of razors for you! Check out for more details on that.

4. Lighten up the nails.

When it comes to nails, it’s time to lighten up. It may be tempting to go with bright and bold shades, but if you use neutral colors like light pinks and even clear coats, chips and growing nails won’t be as obvious. This means you can go longer in between changes which saves you time and money spent on manicures!

Watch Below!

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