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Guy’s Guide to Gym Bag Essentials

You know one thing all guys dread? The morning routine. And it gets even worse when you don’t have what you need to get you looking, smelling and feeling right to start your day. So whether your routine starts at home or the gym, I’ve got a few grooming essentials that will help you walk out the door with confidence!

I like to stock my gym bag and bathroom countertop with Cremo, one of the fastest growing men’s grooming brands in the country. Their full line of shave, beard, hair and body products are superior and effective but also affordable and accessible for every guy.

You’ll love the bourbon vanilla scent of this CREMO THICKENING SHAMPOO. It’s designed to boost body, volume and texture, helping hair look fuller and feel softer.

Next, lather up with CREMO ALL SEASON BODY WASH. I like the rich, powerful and refreshing Blue Cedar and Cypress scent. The lightweight, concentrated formula delivers a rich lather that thoroughly moisturizes without that sticky, waxy feeling.

Now it’s time to style. Try the CREMO HAIR THICKENING PASTE. It’s a Barber-Grade styling product with high hold, low shine, and it gives you volume and thickness that lasts all day long.

For my beard I go with the forest blend of CREMO BEARD & SCRUFF CREAM. It soothes “beard itch,” moisturizes and nourishes skin and also softens stubble, scruff and beards of all lengths. The lightweight formula is made from plant extract and essential oils, and never feels greasy.

If a beard isn’t your thing… you’ll need CREMO SHAVE CREAM. This is their original formula that got everybody talking and was named GQ Best Grooming Product of the Year. You need just one foam-free layer to fight nicks, irritations and razor burn.

You can pick up CREMO nationwide at major retailers, including Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreens, Rite-Aid, Bed Bath & Beyond, Kroger and Amazon, just to name a few.

So there you go - with these grooming essentials, you’ll be out the door looking, smelling and feeling great!

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