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Spring Cleaning Tips for Pet Parents

I get a lot of viewer questions about how to balance cleanliness and craziness:

"What is more important, organization or having a spot-free home?”

“How do you schedule when and what areas to clean?”

“Help! My kids make a mess right after I pick-up!”

Whenever I am giving advice on cleaning, I always make sure to point out that every person is different in how they view messy vs. dirty vs. clean. When it comes to cleaning, some people are white-glovers and others just like to see clutter tidied. I’m somewhere in the middle.

Recently my cleaning battle has been managing being a mom and a pet parent. I have five living things to clean-up after, as long as my husband is being tidy, otherwise it’s six! Out of the five, sometimes six, my recent focus has been on little miss Riley, our long time family cat. Here are some tips on how I get ready for spring with her in mind!

Whether it’s a two-legged or four-legged body in your home, you can be sure that they have their own personal trail of belongings. I know Riley sure does! Consider using boxes or baskets to take back control of your kitty’s toy box, and mend or discard toys that are worn or need a good cleaning.

Speaking of cleaning, don’t forget that your cat likes a clean place setting just as much as you do. If your food and water dishes are dishwasher-safe, toss them in with the rest of your dishes to get them cat-approved clean.

You can also treat your kitty to a spa day! Some cats will lose a winter coat, so regular brushings will help keep her happy while cutting down on shedding.

And no good spring cleaning is complete without a bathroom refresh. Here's how I upgraded in Riley's “personal area"...

When it comes to your litter box, keep it simple and make sure it’s in a place that is easily and always accessible to your cat. I use Tidy Cat's Breeze System for my litter. Tidy Cats has a litter solution for pretty much any cat owner and I love this one . It’s great for cat owners who are looking for an alternative to traditional cat litter and it’s very easy to use. Here's how it works:

-Using a disposable pad on the bottom of the box and dehydrating anti-tracking pellets on top, Breeze separates the ‘number 1’ and ‘number 2' for outstanding odor control.

-You simply scoop the solid waste out daily to keep the box clean!

-Change the pad once a week for one cat and the pellets once a month. It’s odor control made easy!

It’s available at several retailers online ( and as well as in-store at PetSmart and PetCo. The Breeze system makes cleaning and maintaining your litter box, well... a breeze!

MONEY SAVER! I found a $7 off coupon on Tidy Cat's website for Breeze that you can download here.


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