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Storm Season Safety Tips

Mother Nature can change so quickly and even though Spring is the season for the rebirth of flowers, birds and wildlife, it’s also just as likely to bring violent thunderstorms that often include hail, which can cause significant damage to homes, apartments and cars across the country. Here’s some important safety advice to keep in mind from the folks at Farmer’s Insurance.

1. Prepare and protect your home with basic maintenance For homeowners, it’s important to not neglect basic roof maintenance throughout the spring. Repairing small problems before storms hit can prevent larger problems later, including water penetration and interior damage. Also watch for weak spots in the granules that provide UV protection to shingles, since exposed shingles deteriorate faster

2. Protect yourself

If you’re ever caught in a hail storm , you can minimize the chances you’ll be hurt by finding shelter indoors as soon as possible. You can buy items like a hail blanket or other car covers to help minimize damage to your vehicles too, in case you don’t have time to move your car to covered parking before the storm hits.

It's also important to remember it's not a good idea to stop under an overpass to dodge the hail if you’re driving during a hailstorm. That can actually put you in more danger, especially if the storm comes just before a forming tornado. You could end up with even more damage to your car and those inside it if high winds – and the debris picked up by those winds – move through the underpass.

3. Damage control

After the storm, it’s time to do some minor damage control. If a hail storm hits your home area, it’s important to make safe, minor after-storm repairs to prevent additional damage from happening, only if it is safe to do so. Some ideas include boarding up a broken window, laying a tarp across damaged roof shingles and salvaging any undamaged items from a damaged room. If your car or truck windows end up damaged, you should file an insurance claim quickly so small damages don’t turn into bigger issues thanks to everyday activities like car washes, slammed doors or simply parking in a sunny parking spot.

You can get more advice and tips to avoid Spring Time Hazards by checking out the “Seasonal Smarts Digest” on the Farmer’s Insurance website.


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