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  • Michelle Yarn

How to Help Your Stressed Out Student

For many students, especially in high school and college, stress has become an all too familiar part of the school experience. But it doesn’t have to! Parents, here are some ways you can help your child cope with stressors at school and keep it from having a negative effect on their academic performance.

1. Encourage Sleep

Cutting back on sleep may seem like a good way to squeeze in a few more hours studying, but consistently missing out on extra hours of shut eye can affect concentration, memory and more. A well rested body can handle stress better too so remind your kids that they’d actually be better off getting some sleep and studying in the morning when they’re refreshed and more alert after a good night’s rest.

2. Prioritize

Help your child make a priority list and encourage her or him to tackle the most critical or difficult courses or projects first, when their brain is fresh If the list is getting a little too long be sure to cross off any non-essentials!

3. Get a Tutor

AP exams and finals are on the horizon, and high school and college students are more stressed than ever so the next way parents can help cut some of the pressure is to set your child up with Chegg Tutors. They bring on-demand, instant online tutoring to your student, any time of the day or night.

Unlike traditional tutoring, Chegg Tutors is completely online, which not only makes it more affordable, but also makes it easier for your child in need to get help from a high-quality tutor instantaneously.

The feedback so far has been incredible. Students and parents already love Chegg Tutors:

-85% of Chegg Tutor users report finishing assignments faster

-85% report better grades and 88% report better comprehension

-85% of students say Chegg Tutors helped them feel less stressed

It's very easy and all you have to do to connect with a Chegg Tutor and begin a session is visit

4. Encourage Breaks

Finally, be sure to encourage your child to take breaks! If your child seems to study, worry, repeat, help them make time to go for a run, meet up with friends or simply take a nap. Anything to prevent them from burn out!

These are just a few ways you can encourage your child to keep stress from getting in the way of their academic



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