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  • Michelle Yarn

Easy Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas

If you're gearing up for a Cinco de Mayo celebration of your own, you’ll want to look for easy entertaining ideas so you can spend more time with your guests. Here are 3 ways I do that!

The Food

What is a Cinco de Mayo celebration without guacamole?! You’ve got to have it, but don’t worry about finding the perfect avocados...I just pick up a few packages of Sabra Guacamole - available in Classic or Spicy.

It's perfect every time! There’s no guesswork or time spent mashing and mixing. It's all natural guacamole that's thick and chunky, just like homemade. It's award winning, delicious and truly the best store bought guacamole. Of course you can serve it up with tortilla chips, but if you go to, you will find so many other creative ways to use this guacamole. Here are two of my favorites:

Now that’s some food fit for a party! You can find Sabra in the deli section of your local grocery store or supermarket.


It’s so fun to set up a beverage station for a party. It's less work for you and guests can have fun choosing and creating. I am loving my Keurig KOLD for this. It's a revolutionary way to fresh-make your favorite still and sparkling beverages, chillingly cold and at home at the push of a button.

No more hassle of having to go out and buy different drinks and then having to stuff your fridge to make sure they are all cold for the party. You don’t even need ice with this! KOLD™ also delivers perfect carbonation without a CO2 canister. There are Karbonator™ beads already in the pod which hold beverage-grade CO2. During the drink making process, CO2 is naturally released into your beverage.

Your guests have so many options with this: Craft sodas, iced teas, flavored waters, sports drinks, flavored seltzers. And now there are cocktail mixers for Keurig’s KOLD system: mojitos, Moscow mules, sparkling cosmopolitans, Peach Juleps and Old Fashioneds.

Your Cinco celebration would not be complete without enjoying classic and strawberry margaritas! All you have to do is remove the freshness seal from the bottom of the pod, pop it in, push the button, add 2 oz of your favorite tequila, stir, and enjoy! You’ve got a fresh cold beverage, perfectly mixed to just the right taste. How simple is that?! Visit to learn more about this amazing must have.


Last but not least, here is a super simple way to add some festive color to your tablescape...tin can centerpieces! This could not be simpler and you’ve probably already got a lot of these on hand in the pantry or you’ll be using them as you’re creating your party menu. They’re the perfect colors, and you can use different size cans and different bright flowers to mix things up. Set them on a tray with some chili peppers and you’re all set!


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