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Eco-Friendly Dishwashing Essentials

Whenever I find a product that does more than what its designed to do, I love to share it with all of you and today, is special.

Joy, the iconic dish soap brand, is trying to bring more Joy to the world with the launch of their newest product line - Pure Joy. The eco-friendly dishwashing liquid adds a biodegradable, plant-based alternative to their historic repertoire - as well as more sea turtles back into the world’s oceans.

That’s right – SEA TURTLES. Partnering with a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting endangered sea turtles, every purchase of Pure Joy helps put a sea turtle back in the ocean. JoySuds is backstopping this pledge with a minimum commitment of putting 500,000 baby turtles back into oceans every year.

Today, nearly all species of sea turtles are classified as endangered. Besides human activities which include pollution, poaching and habitat destruction, it’s estimated that only one out of one thousand hatchlings survive into adulthood. Pure Joy hopes to change that statistic by providing funds to set up turtle nesting grounds that keep predators and poachers away.

You can actually track how many sea turtles they’ve saved by visiting their website at

But that’s not all that Pure Joy is going to be known for. With a 100% recyclable bottle, Pure Joy claims to be more eco-friendly than its competitor, Mrs. Meyers. That means that even Pure Joy’s bottle top is recyclable.

Along with its sustainable packaging, paraben, synthetic dye and phthalate free formula, the natural dishwashing liquid is made with essential oils for crisp, garden-inspired scents including basil, lavender and lemon verbena.

The dishwashing liquid will be the first of many natural-based products under the new Pure Joy line, with air scents and all-purpose cleaning sprays set to be launched next.

With its addition of sustainable packaging, a biodegradable formula, along with its pledge to help protect sea turtles from further endangerment, Joy is dedicated to providing quality, eco-friendly products that don’t just keep the house clean, but do their part to keep our planet clean.

Pick up a bottle of Pure Joy today and help save a baby sea turtle by visiting or find it in your nearest Giant Foods, Winn-Dixie, or Pop Shelf store.

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